Key to the Sacred Pattern

15 November 2006

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 11 Nov 06

On Audio:

On the Laura Lee Show on Monday 14 Nov 06; Carl Munck - Decoding the Ancient Sites

Did some ancient societies have an elaborate system of measuring and mapping an early Earth grid, and encode data into the design of temples? You decide if Munck is onto something with his theories on "archeocryptography". Could be useful to enhancing advancing some theories of church placement as well.

On the Web:

Not of Grail news, but a pretty good deal for those of you trying to trace down your UK roots, Ansestry UK has free searchable immigration records from the UK to the US from 1820 to 1960 until 30 Nov 06

On TV:

For all your Crusade studies, History Channel looks at sex in the Middle Ages Saturday, 18 Nov 06 at 10:00pm CST.

In the News:

A week late, but the Scotsman has a very detailed article about the Apprentice Pillar at Rosslyn Chapel.

Tip Site of the Week:

The Alchemy Web Site

A one stop web site for all things relating to Alchemy. There is a lengthy listing of texts, a searchable database of alchemical emblems, discussion groups, and articles to be found here.

07 November 2006

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 4 Nov 06

Sorry I’m a couple days late on this week’s Media Watch. A big promotion at work will throw your writing schedule in the dumper. Remember if you have any news stories, pod casts of interest, or other information for the Media Watch, e-mail me so I can share them with everyone else.

On the Web:

A Different Perspective blog has some commentary on “out of place artifacts” and the Freemasonry’s Tubal Cain. The only thought I have with his theory is that Tubal Cain also a Biblical figure, and people have been named after those. Remember Occam’s Razor folks.

In the News:

Artifacts from the First Temple period were removed this week from the Temple Mount. For those of you that have been following any news from Jerusalem and Temple Mount discoveries, I’m surprised they have found anything with all the looting that has been going on in recent years.

Researchers now think Da Vinci might have been of Arabic descent.

At the Movies:

Amazon has a pre-order deal for The Da Vinci Code, which will be released on 14 Nov 06. If you’re going to get it, you might as well get it cheap.

Evidently everyone is using the Knights Templar as some kind of plot hook these days. Gregory Read is producing Like Minds that is about two psychopathic high school boys that go on a killing spree thinking they are Templars… Nice.

National Treasure 2 is listed on IMDB as being in production. The plot evidently is relating to the Lincoln Assassination.

Tip Site of the Week:

The Blue Letter Bible

Looking for a Biblical quotation? Not sure what some passage means? What to know where Tubal Cain was in the Bible? The days of trying to figure out what the abbreviations in Strong's Concordance and thumbing through pages of text are over. The Blue Letter Bible provides a powerful search for references in the Good Book. There are also on line commentaries, maps, images, and study tools available. A valuable on line resource for tracking down and understanding your Biblical leads.