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23 June 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 23 June 07

Grail Seekers this week:

I don’t think there could be a more news packed week for all things Grail. With all the things that have been happening in Italy in the last few weeks, it makes one wonder about what’s happening over there. Without trying to be a conspiracy theorist, it’s odd that the Calvi murder trials finished, the police are investigating Masonic Lodges for undisclosed reasons, there’s talk of a Grail dig, and the Da Vinci Code might be obscene. Interconnections, odd timing, or is something in the wind? If any Italian readers are out there, drop me a line. I’d love to know what’s going on that doesn’t make the international headlines.

Other than that, I’ve had most of my attention focused in one area this week. I getting married to my long time sweetheart Laura Lee Williams tomorrow. She’s supported my ventures here quite a bit over the last year and keeps me going most days. Plus she’s a heck of a proof reader; most of my writing would be unintelligible without her eagle eye…

Oh and don’t forget to sign up for the Grail Seeker’s Google Group. I’m not sure what direction this will be going in, but I’ve added a page of links of interest to the Grail Seeker out there. It’s a work in progress, but there are a ton of links and site descriptions.

On Audio:

Corjan de Raaf of the RLC Research page forwarded this e-mail to me:

“Just wanted to draw your attention to our new Internet Radio station.

Radio Rennessence is made by Philip Coppens, Andy Gough and myself. We do a monthly interview with a Rennes-le-Château/Grail/Templar etc.

related author / researcher. Preferably people that are only known to the in crowd but have incredibly in-depth knowledge. The first interview is online now and features Patrice Chaplin about her book City of Secrets.”

Looks like a great start to the RLC Research crew; huzzah!

Burning Taper has a pod cast on: “ "A Tour of the Masonic Lodge," which is a lecture based on W. L. Wilmshurst's book The Meaning of Masonry, discussing some of the symbols in a lodge, including the great and lesser lights, the officers' stations, and the checkerboard floor.” Quote from the site.

Philip Gardiner announced on a My Space bulletin that he will be on Coast to Coast AM on 30 Jun 07.

In the News:

Is the Grail a funnel? This one is a new theory to me, but Alfredo Barbagallo, an Italian archaeologist, claims that the Grail is buried in a chapel-like room underneath the Basilica of San Lorenzo Fuori le Mura.

North America’s “oldest” church is found and it could be of Templar origin.

The Da Vinci Code movie is investigated by Italian police as being obscene. I wouldn’t put Tom Hank’s performance as being that bad.

On the Web:

Was Bérenger Saunière a Freemason? You’ll need Babel Fish or the like to read this one if you don’t know French.

This theory has been floating around the web for a while, but are Aleister Crowley and Barbarba Bush mother and daughter? My favorite wig wearing (is that a wig?)conspiracy monger Jeff Rense posts the article.

Tip Site of the Week:

I have become totally enamored of the IGoogle home page set up. With easy reader pages, custom widgets, and easy management of all those other Google tools you’re using, I don’t think I’ll go to another home page again. At least until something cooler with more bells and whistles comes along.

Midsummer's Eve

This article should be making it's way to Unexplained Mysteries today or tomorrow. But I thought I'd post it here for you all first..

For as long as man has memory, we have ascribed importance to certain days of the year. Be these days’ feasts, astronomical events, birthdays, or anniversaries; a certain day turns into a special event. One has to look no further than their day timer to find multiple examples of how we honor the passage of time in this way. Of all the days in a year, I can think of few that have as much esoteric importance, June 24th.

Primarily, June 24th is the traditional day of Midsummer’s Eve. The ancients identified this day with the summer solstice and ascribed a mystical importance. The summer solstice is the longest of day and the shortest night of the year. Ostensibly due to unusual solar nature of the day, magical powers are at their peak. The walls between this world and the next became thinner on Midsummer’s Eve. Evil spirits roamed the earth that day and the populace used magic to protect them against the hellish onslaught.

The rituals and traditions that developed around the warding off Midsummer’s Eve’s spirits are primarily European and vary from region to region. These origins of these traditions predate Christianity and are lost to the modern day world. However, many of differing traditions live on, in some form, even today. With the diversity of celebrations, there are two common denominators that flow through all these cultures; fire and plant life.

Certain plants and herbs took on magical powers of healing, divination, and protection. Many of the rituals that revolve around flora ascribe a certain effect for a particular plant. Mistletoe was used to protect against misfortune, wormwood placed under a pillow would foster a dream of your true love, Saint John’s Wort protected you from evil and helped you predict the future. The list of plants and effects goes on and on.

Fire was also used to drive the spooks back into the netherworld. Men would strip to the waist and jump through fires to show their courage, thus discouraging spirits from meddling with them. Bones were burned in bon fires and their ashes scattered to the four corners of a field to insure a good harvest. Lovers would leap through the same fires to increase fertility. Torches were carried around flocks to dispel illness.

Some of these traditions are still practiced throughout Europe, but with a slightly different bent. With the introduction of Christianity into Europe, Midsummer’s Eve turned into John the Baptist’s Fest Day. To insure the full overshadowing of any older traditions, John the Baptist’s Fest was elevated to the status of Solemnity. This meant that this was a Grade “A” fest that took place even when it fell on a Sunday.

Also of note, Saint John the Baptist’s Day is one of two Masonic feast days. The other feast day is John the Evangelist’s day on 27 December. Both are viewed as the patron Saints of Masonry. At least in Tennessee, all Masonic Lodges are required to have some service honoring both Johns on their appropriate day.

June 24th is also the anniversary of the Scottish forces defeating the English Army at Bannockburn in 1314. If you’re unfamiliar with the socio-political situation of the English/Scottish conflict, there’s a good article on Wiki to get you up to speed.

The tale goes that Robert the Bruce’s brother, Edward Bruce, had given the forces at Sterling Castle an alternative to a long drawn out siege. The Bruce’s brother made a pact that if the English did not send reinforcements by midsummer night eve that the English commander would hand over the castle. Upon hearing the terms of the pact, English King Edward I, thinking this would be an easy end to the Scottish problem, issued orders for a massive army to march north towards Sterling.

Instead of backing down from the challenge his brother had made, the Bruce decided to turn it into his advantage. His peers would have described the Bruce as an unconventional tactician. The Bruce employed primarily guerilla tactics that made use of very advantage the land had to offer. Bannockburn was no different. The Bruce’s plan was conduct the battle in the marshy Bannockburn. This would slow the advance of both English cavalry and infantry; thus giving the Scots the chance to attack when and where they wished.

The plan worked throughout the first day of battle on 23 June. The English forces were fought to a draw. As midday pressed on the second day, the battle was beginning to favor the English. Then, suddenly on a hill behind the Scottish forces came a group of fresh reinforcements. What ever this force was, it spooked the English army so badly they routed from the field. The route was so severe that Edward II was almost captured as his army fled.

The historical debate still goes on as to who or what these reinforcements were. Historical accounts suffer due the lack of any surviving first hand account of the battle. Conventional history teaches that the mysterious reinforcements were women and children waiving Scottish banners and beating pots and pans while cresting the hill.

Having visited the battlefield, this seems unlikely to me. Given the heat and press of battle was on and the mysterious force could have been in disguise to further ruse. It would still be difficult not to have discerned who was cresting the hill. At present, there is a clear line of sight from the battlefield to the hill. I myself was able to identify a number of people standing at the top of the hill from where the English front lines would have been.

Masonic lore tells a slightly different tale of the reinforcements that won the day at Bannockburn. It is suggested that Robert the Bruce made a deal with renegade Knights Templar. The Bruce gave any fleeing Templar sanctuary in an excommunicated Scotland, in return for their services against the English aggressors. The sight of even 50 fully armored and mounted Templars would have been enough to turn the tide of battle.

The Bruce was so pleased with the ex-Templar’s service, that immediately after the battle he created the Royal Order of Scotland. The Order is said to live on through a Masonic organization of the same name. It is in this way that many try to link Freemasonry with the Templars. The Templars wishing to keep their rituals alive changed them into what we know as Masonic Degrees today.

Wow, that’s a lot going on for one 24 hour span of time. I cannot say that I have been spared by the magic that is Midsummer’s Eve. Every year, I throw a Bannockburn party on the 24th. This year will make the 5th year I’ve held the event. It’s become something of a tradition that my family and friends have come to look forward to. And this year I’ve added a little twist, I’ll be getting married at that party. It’s not necessarily due to the magic that Midsummer’s Eve has, or to any particular belief I hold. I simply wanted to be able to always remember my anniversary, and I guess there is a certain magic to keeping myself out of the dog house for the years to come.

15 June 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 16 June 07

Grail Seekers this week:

So my goals for this week were side tracked by life and the fact I’ve got something big coming up next week. But I have managed to get some content out of the ordinary during the last few days. Also, I’ve started a Google Group for Grail Seekers. If you’d like to join, visit the group page link above. Hopefully, this will work into a way for everyone to communicate any finds or thoughts they have. Now if I can get through some things at work and if I don’t get cool feet next weekend, I’ll be groovy. Now for the news….

On TV:

Solomon’s Key author R. Douglas Weber announced this week via a My Space bulletin that he has been contacted by the History Channel to be part of a documentary they are working on based on some of the topics listed in his book.

In Film:

Check out the Treasure of the Templars site for info and updates on the fan based Indiana Jones film.

On Audio:

Rabbi Rami Shapiro explores the difference between faith and belief in this Skeptiko Podcast.

William Henry talks about the Lost Secrets of Jesus on Dreamlands.

Blog Talk Radio’s Oopa Loopa Café has an interview with Frank Joseph and his book Opening the Ark of the Covenant.

In the News:

Dave Cameron not only is richer than most 3rd world countries, but he claims to be able to trace his heritage back to the Templars around the time of the 5th Crusade. That’s funny since Templars were prohibited to marry…

Czechoslovakian Freemasons are interviewed in the Prague Post about Freemasonry sans Communism. Think 20 years ago what would have happened to these folks if this article had come out.

On the Web:

The Daily Grail posts a review of Rosslyn and the Grail. The review was originally in Issue 3 of their free online mag Sub Rosa.

Andrew Gough’s Arcadia site has an essay on the Source of the Wealth of Saunière

by Dr. Elias Van Kasteel

Blog On!:

The BS Historian blog has a musician’s approach to Mitchell’s Rosslyn Motet, and it’s not flattering.

Katknit posts a nice picture of an overlook on to Rennes-le-Chateau on Flickr

Is there a problem with the Bauval theory about the relationship between Orion’s Belt and the Pyraminds? Greg Little thinks there is another solution.

Live and In Person:

Ouroboros Press editor William J. Kiesel will give a talk on the enigmatic symbolism associated with the Animal Kingdom as employed in Alchemical texts during the Renaissance. The lecture is at 8pm on Sunday 8 July 2007 at The Stone in New York City.

Tip Site of the Week:

Have you ever remembered seeing something on a web site that has magically disappeared? Fear not, the Wayback Machine Internet Archive site might have the URL you’re looking for. Pretty neat stuff, and it’s free.

Ed McGrath on Teniers

Below is the final e-mail I received from Ed McGrath on his theories about paintings and the RLC mysteries. Unfortunately, I've heard from Ed that he doesn't have time to work on this project any more. I wish Ed all the luck in the world in what ever he goes on to do.

The following email is re-printed verbatim

Hi Brian,

Here is my proposed solution for the Teniers painting clue and the parchment. You can use them if you want to.

When it is established that the Poussin painting "Shepherds in Arcadia" contains the geographic coordinates of Rennes le Chateau, encoded in longitude and latitude, the next question is: What about Teniers? The Sauniere parchment says Poussin Teniers keep the key. If Poussin is showing the location to look then maybe Teniers is showing what to look for.

I believe the Sauniere misinterpreted the Teniers clue in the parchment and looked at “The Temptation of St. Anthony” painting. The clue clearly states no temptation that.

The full clue is:


(shepherdess no temptation that Poussin Teniers hold the key Pax 681. By the cross and this horse of God I dispatch this guardian demon at midday blue apples).

Another Teniers painting may show the object that is sought in the search. See the Teniers painting: “Witches preparing for the Sabbat"

(St. Anthony was tempted by demons, the witches were calling them – no temptation that!)” “Poussin [and] Teniers keep the key”).

The parchment can be read a number of ways, my interpretation is that it is actually in two parts:

Part 1

Shepherdess no temptation that Poussin Teniers hold the key

(Shepherdess relates to Poussin and "no temptation that" refers to Teniers. You need both paintings to solve the clue)

Pax 681

(Peace, [closing of the first part clues]

[Psalm 68:1] (Signature, Psalm 68 is the "Psalm of David" and Jesus was of the house of David. Verse 1 reads:

"Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him."

This signature fits if the clues are pointing to the continued bloodline "Let God arise"

The Teniers Witches Preparing for the Sabbat painting shows a horse’s head skeleton (no lower jaw) with an “all seeing or God’s eye” and skull and crossbones.

The skull and crossbones have a vase of flowers placed on the head.

The skull and crossbones, with the flowers on top seem to signify a Templar grave. This may be the pointer to the Knights Stone at Rennes (this stone was placed face down on the altar – hiding a crypt beneath)

This Knights tomb is the object (Teniers) RLC is the location (Poussin)

The museum at his church has the skull and crossbones.

Part 2

By the cross and this horse of God (The man of the cross, on God’s horse appears to be a very good likeness of Cardinal Richelieu)

I dispatch this guardian demon at midday (Nicolas Flamel, a member of the Priory of Sion, had reason to believe Richelieu was a "guardian demon" – not a guardian angel)

blue apples: (Reference to Eve reaching for a blue apple at St. Sulpice Church).

St. Sulpice was considered by some to be the headquarters of the Priory of Sion.

14 June 2007

Holy Grail Phenomena in Hawaii?

I was emailed on My Space this week by a man from Hawaii who thought he has caught a Grail related phenomena on video. I’ll reserve my comments and judgment on this one and leave that to you. Below are the content of the e-mails (verbatim) and the video in question.

From: that's me in the chair.
Date: Jun 10, 2007 6:57 PM

Holy Grail Captured on video Easter 2007

Please see 4 minute video

Do you believe?
Pray and ask God.

Love and Light
Brandon Price

From: Grail Seekers
Date: Jun 10, 2007 10:14 PM

Thanks for the e-mail. I’m always glad to take any leads or information about the Grail or Grail related phenomena for further examination. I’ve got a couple of questions for you to help me understand where I should direct my focus.

Is the object in question the black spot in the clouds at the first of the video and then shown again around the 3 minute mark?

Or are we talking about the oblong shape that shows up around the 2 minute mark?

If it’s the oblong object, can you give me some idea of the context of the skyward black spot; or identify what this is.

With this little bit of additional information, I can focus on exactly which part of the video to examine. I’d be happy to present this to my readers for their interpretation of what they’re seeing.

Hope this was the type of help you were looking for...

Brian Kannard

From: that's me in the chair.
Date: Jun 12, 2007 6:49 PM

The black dot is the sun and could be considered lens effect. The beam of light coming from the sun could be considered lens effect as well but fascinating. The bright color around the black sun is clouds, I do have another video showing how the clouds gather to the sun. The oblong shape could be considered egg shape since it was captured on easter sunday. The camera was set to automatic to follow movement. Look inside the egg and what do you see. Some people see thousands of souls, some people see a big face, what do you see? Is the holy grail the item that connects all religions to the one god? I've got a chinese interpretation that i can email to you if you would like to read it. They beleive that this is the wan ling or egg of life. I'm pretty sure in india they beleive this would be the golden lingum. We may beleive this to be the holy grail. This is the beauty of our god that our holy grail could be their wan ling and someone elses golden lingum. Please feel free to give me a call and I can give you a detailed explanation.

p.s. On the video at 3min and 21sec look at the purple item on left side that falls out of sky. You can also hear it.

Heaven's Ball

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08 June 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 9 June 07

Grail Seekers this week:

Later this week, I’ll be reprinting another theory by Ed McGrath relating to his theories on a Teniers painting. I’ll also be trying yet another contest going if I can get my inner muse working. The contest will dove-tail on an interview with George Smart I did a few months back. I’ll be giving away two copies of his book Chronology of the Knights Templar to make up for me dragging my feet on writing the article. And finally, I’ve secured an interview with Professor Solomon about his book The Book of Solomon. That is if I can get past inventory at work, family obligations, and fending off ninja assassins. Well, the ninja assassins isn’t quite true. That is unless my ex-wife hired them.

On Audio:

Fate Radio interviews Dr. Karen Ralls about the Templars. Hilly Rose should have done a little more homework before doing the interview…

In the News:

Five defendants have been acquitted in the Roberto Calvi murder trial in Rome. This also comes on the heels of Italian Police investigating Masonic Lodges in Italy. I fear that this will only bring out another wave of Anti-Masonic fervor in blog-land. If you have any questions about Masonry, just let me know. All I ask is that you don’t believe anything that has to do with goats, sacrifices, or strip bingo without dropping me an e-mail first.

In Film:

Sean Connery won’t be coming out of retirement for the next Indiana Jones movie, but John Hurt will be appearing. I guess Hurt had to do something since he can’t be in Hellboy 2.

The Susan Sarandon narrated DVD Secrets of the Codeis reviewed in the Trades.

On the Web:

Societe Perillos finished up their series on the Spanish connection with Rennes le Chateau.

Chat with William Henry on the Unknown Country site on 9 June 07.

Nexus magazine highlights author Tony Bushby on his book Forged Origins of the New Testament.

Could the Holy Grail be the Book of Thoth? Philip Coppens has some insight along those lines.

Far Shores posts an article by Philip Gardnier about Secret Societies.

Unexplained Mysteries reprints a reworked article about the Nanteos Cup by some guy who does a blog called Grail Seekers.

Blog and Pod On!:

The Live in Carcassonne blog has a video of Carcassonne, Rennes le Chateau, Montsegur, Alet. The visuals are nice, but turn down the sound unless you really, really, really dig Bon Jovi’s version of Knocking on Heaven’s Door.

Random Mumblings has a two minute video of Rosslyn Chapel. It just goes to remind me that if you plan of going to Rosslyn, prepare for there to be a crowd and loud mouthed tour guides. Ah for the days when you could walk in the Chapel and there might be two or three others floating around.

Marcus Wilder talks about his visit to a Templar tower in Monbuey along the Santiago de Compostela trail.

Ed McGrath talks about Poussin, Rennes-leChateau, and Shughborough Hall

Last month I reported that Ed McGrath had come up with a simple solution to the Shughburough Hall; Shepherds at Arcadia inscription. Since Ed posted his theory on Daily Grail
it would seem that he's been busy fleshing it out. Ed sent me a couple of e-mails the other day expounding on his theories. He's done some interesting work that I thought everyone might be interested in. The e-mails are reprinted in their entirety.

Hi Brian,

I like your blog. I solved the “mystery” of the Poussin painting but the anointed ones do not accept it, too simple they say, no geodic designs or sacred pentagrams. It is heresy to stomp on their “holy grail”. The mystery itself has become the grail to them, nobody should upset it. I am offering a solution, if you would like to publish it on your site. I will send a separate mail for OUOSVAVV.

Please let me know what you think of the discovery.

This is the solution to a 370 year old mystery painting done in France in 1638. The "best minds" in the world have tried to solve it and failed; Dan Brown tackled the subject in the Da Vinci Code but could not come up with the solution. This is NEWS for anyone interested in solving puzzles similar to those proposed by Dan Brown in his books. People like to "see" a problem, with a logical solution provided. Even if the solution sparks debate, they are still interested in it. I would like to see this published because it provides an alternative explanation.

Poussin Painting Decoded – A New Theory

My theory is that Poussin encoded the location of Rennes le Chateau in the painting, using longitude and latitude references. When the painting was done in 1639, the international Prime Meridian in Greenwich was not yet established. The French used the Paris Meridian as the zero longitude reference. Paris is at 002 degrees E longitude, based on the Greenwich meridian.

The shepherds in Poussin's painting seem to be pointing to 42.9N and 0E (O degrees, relative to the Paris Meridian). Rennes le Chateau is at 42 Degrees 56 Minutes North and 0 Degrees East (using the Paris Meridian). Here is what it looks like! Poussin Pointing the Way to Rennes le Chateau

Rennes le Chateau Mystery

The mystery at Rennes le Chateau has baffled people for years. A parchment was found by Abbee Sauniere in 1891 that gave a clue to an old Nicholas Poussin painting and it is believed that the painting refers to Rennes le Chateau. The painting "Et in Arcadia Ego" " shows a tomb and people consider that the background scenery fits the location of Rennes. Nobody can provide a clear answer how a painting, with a scene that could be anywhere in the world, definitely points to that location. There would be thousands of tombs and locations to search. There is doubt about the existence of the tomb at Rennes when Poussin did his painting (tomb was built in 1902, destroyed in 1986).

History of the Prime Meridian

The International Prime Meridian at Greenwich England was not established until 1884. France did not participate at this meeting and continued to use Paris for their Prime Meridian.

King Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu re-established, the French Prime Meridian in 1634 by Royal Decree,. Richelieu commissioned Poussin in 1635 to paint “The Triumph of Pan” (they knew each other five years before Shepherdess painting) Longitude and Latitude measurements were known to them in the early 1600s.

I may not be "right" about the discovery of the pointing Shepherds, but at least it points to a simple solution of the Poussin painting.


To paraphrase Occam's Razor: All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one.

Please get a decent copy of the painting and measure the angles yourself rather than accept what I have shown. I used Visio 2003 and the footer image from Andrew Gough's Arcadia website

Ed McGrath

Second E-mail

Hi Brian,

Here is something else for you to consider on your blog:

When I read Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, I read about the mystery sculpture, a Reverse bas relief of a Poussin painting, at Shugborough House in England it says that the code can not be broken, its inscription DOUOSVAVVM could not be deciphered.

I have read about a lot of decoding attempts. They all have one thing in common, they do not consider that this is an inscription on a monument.

Why does everyone try to decipher the inscription out of context? It is an inscription on a very detailed, and modified, mirror image of a famous painting. If the monument above the inscription is not significant, why carve it? Carving the inscription alone would save a lot of time and grief.

My solution keeps the inscription and monument in the same context and it can be validated by external information (i.e. Sauniere parchment clue to Shepherdess and Poussin painting) The

Background Information Antoine Bigou miscarved the date MDCCLXXXI (1781) as MDCOLXXXI. He changed C to O (not a Roman Numeral). His uncle preceded Sauniere as Abbee at Rennes-de-Chateau.
Poussin painted Les Bergers d’Acadie (1635-50) – the title is French
Sauniere discovered a parchment (1891) that read, in part, “Shepherdess…Poussin…key…”

A reverse bas relief carving of Les Bergers d’Acadie, by Stuart is located at Shugborough house near Staffordshire England (1755)
There are eight letters on one line of the bas relief, two letters on next line
Sauniere decoded the messages and found the Grail even though he was not a Templar initiate – he did not possess the esoteric knowledge thought to be needed.

The Bas relief at Shugborough Hall England is a “REVERSE” image of the Poussin’s painting.
There are 10 letters on inscription, eight on one line.
Bigou replaced C with O in his carving (Bigou was also involved with Sauniere parchments)

Read the word on the first line of the inscription O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V REVERSED (i.e. upside down and mirrored) A.A.V.A.S.O.N.O

Now, REVERSE what Bigou did on the headstone: Replace the O with a C in the eight-letter word.

The modified line now looks like this: A.A.V.A.S.C.N.C

This is an anagram, in French and has two words: "Canvas and Ca (Picture and That – it will not translate as a phrase from French to English, it is two separate words: Picture! That! Admonishing the reader to look at the original painting) As I have noted elsewhere, the original painting has shepherds pointing to the Longitude and Latitude of Rennes le Chateau

The. D and M appear on a separate line and seem to be meaningless, outside the clue (Help??)

N.B: I have also solved the Teniers painting clue and all of Parchment #1

Ed McGrath

02 June 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 2 June 07

Grail Seekers this week:

Do you ever have the feeling that something you thought was a hare-brained idea isn’t such an odd thought after all? I’ve had that feeling a lot this last week on some research I’ve been doing. Not meaning to be enigmatic, but hopefully I’ll have something to share soon that connects some dots regarding a famous author and the Grail in some unexpected ways. Think good thoughts for me on this one…

On TV:

History Channel:

4 June 07; 8-9pm -- Cities of the Underworld – Istanbul

4 June 07; 10-11pm -- Cities of the Underworld - City of Caves: Budapest

7 June 07; 9-10pm -- Decoding the Past - The Other Nostradamus: Edgar Cayce

8 June 07; 8-10pm -- Bible Battles

11 June 07; 8-9pm -- Decoding the Past - Mayan Doomsday Prophecy

9-10pm -- Cities of the Underworld - London's Lost Cities

10-11pm -- Digging for the Truth - The Real Sin City: Sodom & Gomorrah.

On Audio:

Coast to Coast AM will feature founder of Historical Realists and author, Patrick Conway, will discuss how the fall of the gods and collapse of the ancient world on 6 June 07.

The Hilly Rose show interviews Frank Joseph, author of Opening the Ark of the Covenant about the Ark’s history.

In the News:

A junior-high school student channels a Knight Templar for a history competition. I’m not sure if this is a colorful metaphor or this kid really thinks he’s channeling a Templar.

Dowsers look for stone circles in the Lake District of the UK

Scientists use laser technology to look into the Book of Kells

In Print:

A new book on Rennes-le-Château called City of Secrets surfaces this week. The book was written by Patrice Chaplin (daughter-in-law of Charlie Chaplin) about her experiences with the RLC mysteries. The above Daily Grail link has a couple of commentaries and interviews with Mrs. Chaplin.

Dark Horse comics revives the series Rex Mundi from it’s former Image Comics series. Rex Mundi is another Papal/Holy Grail conspiracy story line.

On Video:

Three videos on the UK Telegraph site go into a little more depth on the Rosslyn Cubes.

Rosslyn Chapel: Making the Stonework Sing

Rosslyn Chapel: Does the Singing Stonework Theory Work?

Cracking the 500 Year old Music Code

Blog and Pod On!:

Outlaw News thinks there is a connection between the Rosslyn Cubes and the hexagon pattern that has been seen on Saturn.

The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau is discussed in podcast 14 by Tracy Twyman

Tip Site of the Week

Early Christian Writings has a listing and commentary on all the known Gnostic, early Church writings, and New Testament Apocrypha known to man. A good source if you’re trying to get an overview of what’s out there.