Key to the Sacred Pattern

29 July 2008

The Muse Takes One on the Chin

As many of you have noted, the Grail Seekers blog and web site have been left untended for a little over two months now. I appreciate some of the emails I’ve gotten, and can confirm that I have not dropped off the face of the Earth. Let me qualify that statement. While I have not dropped out of sight, my muse has.

I have found through writing that muses are fickle little minxes that come and go as they please. My own personal muse has taken a few shots to the chin since I returned from the Bloodline press conference in New York in May. Since then, long hours at work and a general summertime “the world is going to hell in a hand basket” malaise have topped the list of creativity drains.

Case in point. I was getting ready for work the day after the US Open had concluded. Usually I have some news program droning in the background while I gird myself for another day of battles at work. My ears perked up at a story about a Revolutionary War era British warship that had been found at the bottom of one of the Great Lakes. The piece was all of 45 seconds long, but I was impressed that it had made the first few headlines of the day.

The hopeful feeling I had about the public being interested in a historical mystery was soon doused by Robin Roberts. The piece on the sunken ship was barely over when she make the comment, “Enough of this boring stuff, let’s talk about Tiger [Woods] this weekend.” Roberts then went into a lengthy discussion about Woods performance at the previous weekend’s Open even discussing the manner in which Tiger pumped his arms after making a particularly difficult shot. The discussion about a man smacking a ball into a cup went on for a couple of minutes among the GMA anchors.

Not that I have anything against Tiger Woods, golf, or the state of arm motions at sporting events. It was simply indicative of a public that is more concerned with the fate of celebrities than the fate of those who came before us and what events have unfolded to bring us here. So it goes.

While this singular event has not kept me from writing anything as of late, it is simple a part of those things that have battered the Grail Seeking muse. Slowly, but surely things are getting back into line. After all, the Grail won’t find itself and there are those of you out there that are still willing to search. In light of that, how can I not stand to keep looking myself. Besides, there is news of Templars in Bulgaria, evidence that Mark Twain might have met with Charles Warren, and a pesky thought I have after seeing some Poussin paintings at the Met in May that I need to look into.

Once a Grail Seeker, always a Grail Seeker I guess…