Key to the Sacred Pattern

18 April 2012

Tales of the Grail on Night Vision Radio

Night Vision Radio
I just got a call from Rene Barnett of Night Vision Radio to be her guest this evening. We'll be discussing Grail lore and stories of different Grail Cups. There are dozens of different cups throughout the world that lay the claim to being the Holy Grail.  No matter if the Grail is actually the cup used at the Last Supper or some other object or idea, the stories behind the cups are fascinating on their own. So tune in tonight at 10PM CST to get in the discussion!

15 April 2012

The Disclose TV Hoax and Critical Thinking

Disclose TV's Home Page on 14 April 2012
Yesterday I became fascinated with the reports of Disclose TV's apparent demise. Facebook posts and tweeters were blowing up the streams with cries of the conspiracy themed website being taken down as part of a joint operation between the "United States Department of Internet Security Terrorism Task Force" and "European Allied Command Operations".  Among those crying foul were those claiming to be former government employees and "insiders" who had pipelines into the very heart of Washington DC. To read some of the posts, one would have thought the shut down of any alternative news source was just hours away.

As it turns out, the blackout of Disclose TV's web site was basically a publicity stunt. Why were thousands of people duped with a PT Barnum stunt? The answer is simple to describe, but difficult to stomach. No matter how suspicious and careful a human is, emotions will almost always trump intellect. Disclose TV's "seizure" was an assault on free speech and a dig at an organization whose goal is to pierce the veil of government coverups.The incident should be a wake up call to everyone in the conspiracy, paranormal, or esoteric community. As much as anyone in these communities would wish he/she was above tactics aimed at "sheeple", realize that you are not.

The previous statement is not designed to be an indictment of anyone in particular, but a lesson that needs to be learned if alternative thought folks are to be taken seriously by the mainstream. Co-author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail Henry Lincoln summed up my thoughts in a 28 March 2012 interview quite succinctly, "Don't believe anything that I or anyone else says." Lincoln then urged everyone to do their own homework and come to their own conclusions. We cannot rely on anyone to do our thinking for us.

Had one done just a few minutes of Googling yesterday, the Disclose TV "seizure" would have been an apparent scam. None of the government agencies listed on the seizure notice exist and the USC cited on the notice is a highway bill. I was lucky enough to do some background research on the seizure notice, but I have been duped in the past... To help combat the ever present BS in our universe, I try to go back to some steps in critical thinking. There are tons of critical thinking guides on the web, but this one comes from the Leadership Vibe site and applies quite well to those in "alternative thought".

  • What is the current problem? Make sure to identify what the current problem really is, not the emotional connection to the problem?
  • What are the symptoms of the problem? Identifying the symptoms will help you stay on course with the true problem and identify people or processes that are fueling the problem.
  • What assumptions are being made? Know fact versus assumptions, two very different realities.
  • Is the evidence reliable? To what degree? Make sure what evidence you are supplied with can be corroborated.
  • Is there critical information missing? Crucial for framing the entire picture.
  • Other explanations for problem? Step outside of the problem and try to identify other possibilities of cause.

Let Disclose TV be a cautionary tale for all of us and let the inscription on the Smoking Man's Zippo be ever close to the front of our minds... Trust No One.

12 April 2012

Two Poussin Paintings Discovered in France?

I received this comment on one of my older blog posts this week by someone calling themselves "Gasc": "2unkwown Poussin's paintings discovered :the key of Poussin's secret and Rennes le chateau mystery. How 2 family's paintings have given me the key of this mystery ? all is explained on there are 6 years, 2 paintings are given me at my mother's death and it's the beginning of my discoverings:2 coded paintings we discover Poussin's paintings ,which came from my priest ancestor . Priest near from Rennes le chateau ."

The comment was either from someone who doesn't speak English very well or uses a horrible translation program. I decided to check out the link and it directed me to a site in French called "Le Secret de Poussin".  Since my French is about as good as my Latin, I ran the site through Google translate.  From what I can gather from the site, the author is a relative of Henri Gasc a "pastor of Our Lady of Marceille near Rennes-le-Chateau. Mrs.Gasc is claiming that she inherited these two previously unknown Poussin paintings that are sure to blow the lid off the RLC mysteries. Below are the two paintings for your inspection...

"Previously Unknown Poussin" #1
"Previously Unknown Poussin" #2

There's a whole litany of explanations, whys, and wherefores on the site that I haven't had a chance to check out at the present time.  One of the more interesting items on the site is what appears to be a broadcast of a French TV show dated 26 Dec 2011 that deals with the discovery.  Since my French isn't up to snuff, I've only been able to pick out the odd phrase of the "broadcast".  If anyone would like to translate the broadcast, drop me an email.

Given the revelations of Ben Hammott this past month, I'm a little gun shy about anything new coming from Rennes-le-Chateau. If these are really previously undiscovered Poussin paintings, at very least they're a great find for the art community. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that these paintings are linked to the mysteries at Rennes-le-Chateau. That is if they are the genuine article at all.... As I find out more on this one, I'll let everyone know.