Key to the Sacred Pattern

29 March 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for late Febuary and most of March..

News from Grail Seekers:
I would get to write more if life in general didn’t get in my way. If you’ve just won the lottery and would like to be a modern day Medici and be my patron, let me know. And without further ado, there’s a lot to catch up on.

On Audio:
Whitley Strieber interviews Laurence Gardner on the Lost Tomb of Jesus.

On the Web:
Walt Disney and his role in the De Molay Society.

A press release about the new Key Insight website that might interest many of you out there.

Planning on going to Paris in October for the 700th anniversary of Black Friday? If you’re there, you might want to check out this seminar/tour.

Thoth Web gives an overview of the Druids.

A brief history of the city of Petra, without Indy finding the Grail there by the way.

The validity of the Pumaz Report is put to the test by Society Perillos.

Esolibris has a nice article on the use of the skull and crossbones as a Templar symbol.

In the News:
Explore the heresy of Manichaeism that influenced the Cathars.

Journalist Priscilla Greear takes to the pilgrim path in the Holy Lands Sites.

Baignet and Leigh get an unfavorable ruling by the British Court of Appeals. If you’re looking for a full copy of the ruling, click here.

More conspiracy theories abound around the Bard of Avon. I just thought that Shakespeare wove code into his works.

Want a Templar credit card?

More information of Templar tunnels in England, this time in Leeds.

I’m not going to try to list all the articles on James Cameron’s Jesus Tomb documentary. So here’s the Google search page so you can browse for yourself.

Is the term “Holy Grail” used as a metaphor too often?

Repairs and restoration work continues on Rosslyn.

In Print:
Philip Gardiner’s new book The Ark, The Shroud and Mary takes a new look into Biblical artifacts.

Here’s an excerpt from Graham Simmans’ new book Jesus after the Crucifixion: From Jerusalem to Rennes-le-Château.

Tips and Site of the Week:
New friend of Grail Seekers this period is blogger Pridian and his site: Codex Celtica: Exploring The Mysteries Behind The DaVinci Code. Check his blog out and get a British perspective on some of the Grail mysteries.

Also if you're interested in Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite, I know many Valleys will be preforming Maudy Thursday and Easter Sunday rituals next week. In Nashville, this ceremony will be open to the public. Check with your local Grand Lodge to see if these are open to the public. It's a rare chance to see what a Scottish Rite Degree is like, plus its an interesting service.