Key to the Sacred Pattern

13 March 2013

River Near Rennes-le-Chateau Runs Red the Day Pope Francis Is Elected?

File this in the ultra-strange bin. Posted on You Tube today was a scene of the La Sals river in Rennes-le-Bains flowing red. Rennes-le-Bains is a scant three miles, as the crow files, from Rennes-le-Chateau and the village is often linked to its mystery riddled counterpart. From the information I'm getting at the moment, the video was shot today. At the moment I'm trying to firm up exactly when the video was shot and will update this post if and when I find out.

If the video was shot today, the timing just adds another layer of mystery to the region. The same day Jorge Bergoglio is elected Pope maybe mean someone is sending a message. If that message is a prank, synchronicity via natural phenomena, or a secret society playing games is up to your discretion. 

UPDATE 15 Mar 2013: We have an explanation. The poster of this video has confirmed that this was done as some sort of hydrodynamics test. Other parts of the river were running "green" the same day. Good to know the world is still running on greased grooves.