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30 January 2007

Thanks for the Link

I would like to thank the fine folks at the Rennes-Le-Chateau Research and Resource web site for placing a link to the Grail Seekers blog on their page. If you have interest in the Rennes mysteries, you will want to check out their web site. Other than an exhaustive amount of information, the artwork and links pages are worth the visit alone. Thanks again to this new found friend of Grail Seekers.

28 January 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week ending 27 Jan 07

Upcoming this week on Grail Seekers:

Friday I got the chance to interview George Smart , the author of The Knights Templar Chronology: Tracking History's Most Intriguing Monks . I’m putting the finishing touches on the article and should have it ready by mid week.

On TV:

For all of you who have feeds into BBC 4 or live in the UK; the show The Search will highlight some Grail related sites this season.

On the Web:

A nice picture of the January Blue Apples in Rennes-le-Chateau

Andrew Gough has a nice piece on the 90th anniversary of Bérenger Saunière’s death.

Society Perilos continues it’s article on enigma of Bérenger Saunière

In the News:

Judgment on the Baigent and Leigh appeal to happen by Easter.

A 2nd Temple era street is found in Jerusalem.

Coming to Glastonbury this summer is the Holy Grail Conference with some of the top authors in recent Grail history. Unfortunately, it’s only open to UK residents.

Did Templars build the Newport Tower in Newport, Rhode Island?

Rosslyn Chapel makes a pile of cash post Da Vinci Code. The good news is those funds are going to restoration work.

Who was Mona Lisa? A 16th century death notice may hold the key.

The Scotsman continues it’s series on the origins of the Scots, the Stone of Destiny and the Grail. (I know this is an old article, but I can’t catch everything…)

Leonardo’s fingerprint is reconstructed. For all of you historical CSI folks that want to dust for 500 year old prints.

Ancient Semitic spell found on Egypt, this might be the oldest example of the language to date.

Tip Site of the Week:

For all of you interested in Jewish Hexagrams, check out the Star of David blog. These show up in all sorts of places that you might not expect. There’s some nice work and pics on Zeevveez’s blog. He’s also interested in the Templar use of hexagrams, if you have any information or insight on this, email me and I’ll let him know.

20 January 2007

Post Script on the Hertfordshire Mysteries

I appreciate all of the positive feedback I've gotten on the Hertfordshire Grail Mystery Reexamined piece. The predominate response I received was after Tim Acheson's well being. I am happy to say that I contacted Tim after the piece was posted and he seems to be doing just fine. He even gave a thumbs up about the article. I'm sure Tim would appreciate everyone’s concern. The world is a much more interesting place with Tim and Ben around.


Grail Seeker's Media Watch for the Week Ending 20 Jan 07

On Audio:

Dreamlands had an interview on the 13th with Christopher Jones, the lad that translated Otto Rahn’s book about the Templars, Cathars, and the Catholic Church (see the In Print section below) Good thing you can catch these on a pod cast.

This one will be good. On Monday 22 Jan 07; Coast to Coast AM will have Andrew Sinclair and Mark Pinkham on talking about Rosslyn Chapel. I wouldn’t miss this one.

On TV:

The History Channel is showing the Lost Worlds: Knights Templar show and Digging for the Truth - The Da Vinci Code: Bloodlines; Sunday 21 Jan 07 starting at 7pm EST

And on Tuesday 30 Jan 07; there’s Lost Worlds: Braveheart’s Scotland at 8pm EST.

On the Web:

Farshores reprints an article on 25 Dec 06 about some different theories about Oak Island from the First National News.

Why the Southern Poverty Law Center would have an article on conspiracies and the Catholic Church is beyond me. But, it is a good article..

In the News:

Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh take another stab at their lawsuit against Dan Brown in the English court system.

The Shiners come under fire from for misuse of their tax exempt status. I wish when people do pieces like this they would name specifics instead of listing general charges. Read critically.

The Baltimore Sun has a profile on Brent Morris the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Freemasonry

Since the theme this week seems to be Freemasonry, the British Telegraph takes a look at what the real secret is of Masonry.

Out of the copious good-byes to Robert Anton Wilson, I think I enjoyed this one the most.

While not directly related to the Grail, Napoleon’s death has been ruled stomach cancer rather than poisoning. This puts to rest some historical conspiracy theories about the little man’s death.

In Print:

I’m a little slow on this one, but if you haven’t heard in October Otto Rahn’s work Crusade Against the Grail has been translated into English. This one is for those of you looking for information about the Nazis and the Grail.

Tip Site of the Week:

Microsoft Live Maps Not to be one upped by Google, Bill Gates has put Microsoft’s spin on a bird’s eye view of the world. There are very few differences between this mapping system and Google Earth. The interfaces are similar and I can’t tell too much difference in the 3D map features. The Microsoft version does seem to bookmark places a little easier than Google Earth. Oh well, it’s an alternative if Google Earth’s servers are down.

17 January 2007

Hertfordshire Grail Mystery Reexamined

2004 passed with many of you not knowing the names of Tim and Ben Acheson. This is not surprising to my American audience since the story was chronicled in newspapers, magazines, and a TV special in the United Kingdom. For our UK Grail Seekers, you might recall that the Achesons made a splash in the underground steam with an announcement to a reporter from the Hertfordshire Mercury. The Acheson brothers asserted that there are tunnels under Hertford, a small town 20 miles north of London, which are still in use.

What’s so surprising about that? If I were to tell you that the tunnels were used by modern-day Templars and members of the Illuminati, what would you think? What if there was an immense treasure that might be the Holy Grail, under Hertfordshire? Those are the questions the world had to answer after Raymond Brown’s article about the Acheson brothers appeared in the 8 October 2004 issue of the Hertfordshire Mercury.

If you’re not familiar with the Achesons, I’ve listed links to all the relevant articles at the bottom of the page. I would highly recommend reading these articles.

The Acheson’s story is that they are descendants of a Templars family. While they will not confirm their role within any modern-day Templar organization, they seem to know quite a bit about the group’s goals. Tim Acheson was interviewed by the Guardian in January of 2005 and gives some hints about the importance of Hertfordshire and the Grail mystery. Tim claims that groups of Templars came to Hertfordshire after Black Friday in 1307 and made it a base of operations. He believes that the passages below ground in Hertfordshire may hold the answer to many of the questions about the Grail and the Templars.

Acheson even took a couple of reporters on tours of these underground passages. According to Acheson the whole city is honeycombed with tunnels that are used by the Templars and the Illuminati as a meeting site. Through out the articles on Acheson, he is rather hidden about what he knows, or suspects, is going on in Hertfordshire. He makes references to revelations that could be forth coming due to a new generation of Templars wanting to be more open. If one takes a closer look at the facts presented in the press; a few interesting possibilities open up.

In May of 2005, the Hertfordshire Mercury reported that a Vernon Gifkins was identified as one of the first people to enter Hitler’s bunker in May of 1945. Tim Acheson was also identified and quoted as being Gifkins' grandson. We come to find out that Gifkins was also an MI5 agent and according to Tim, “"He was a real character, hunting man-eating lions in Africa and also a lot of real James Bond work. He took some very interesting documents from the bunker." Given Hitler’s penchant for the occult, one wonders what might have been taken from that bunker.

One has to dig a little to see what the relevance of Gifkins is to the claims the Achesons have made. The article mentions that the Gifkins “live in Bayley Hall, which his family owned, and the Old Vicarage in Church Street.” If we go back to the first article about the Achesons, there is a picture of a map that shows a1898 map of Bayley Hall. The map marks a subterranean passageway on the property that would link up with the other passages the Achesons claimed to be running under Hertfordshire. One can imagine the Achesons as teenagers exploring the tunnel systems against the warnings of their grandfather.

Tim’s interest in the tunnel system and the Hertfordshire treasure might not be a passive one. In March of 2005, the Hertfordshire Templars requested to undergo excavations on an undisclosed property in the town. The property in question is said to have been a Templar holding in 1253. The landowner denied the group’s requests. Tim is quoted as saying, “If the whereabouts of these items is still known after all this time, and they are still wanted, one can only conclude that they must have some intrinsic value.” The timing of the request leads one to believe that the Templar might be looking for hard evidence to present to the world.

I tend to think that this property is on the Brickendonbury estate in the village of Brickendon, which lies a few miles south of Hertfordshire. The estate was once owned by Sir Thomas Clarke, who built the present manor house there in the 1690’s. Clarke was also responsible for building Bayley Hall. The March 2005 article mentions that “items claimed to be "secreted beneath the surrounding fields, outbuildings, moat and house have been there for 700 years.” This loosely fits with the description of Brickendonbury.

The possible Grail and Acheson connections don’t end there. Located in Brickendon is the Chapel of the Holy Cross and St Alban, which was the chapel Brickendonbury estate. On the grounds of the chapel are a number of different types of trees. One of which is reported to be part of the Glastonbury Thorn. Also, during World War II, the Brickendonbury house was used by British intelligence to train agents in industrial sabotage. Perhaps Vernon Gifkins received some training there. It would fit with what we know of Gifkins.

Of course all of this is pure conjecture on my part. In hoping to satisfy my own theories, I tried to track Tim Acheson down. Through some sleuth work and good luck I was able to do so. We traded correspondence through October and November. Tim even agreed to do the interview with me. After sending him a list of questions, poof, he was gone. I have not heard from Tim since. Also, know that I will not disclose my method of contact with Tim. So please don’t waste your time emailing me asking for the particulars.

I do hope everything is well with him. No matter what you think of the validity of Acheson’s claims, he does live in a shadowy world. Since the Grail world is filled with those who run the gambit between reality and pure fiction, the possibilities of their actions are equally as broad. I wish Tim and Ben all the luck in the world, and more over I hope they’re on to something.

The major articles that recount the story of the Achesons can be found in the following places. Note: some of the articles are reprinted in other forums, after their links have become dead at the original source. I copied the articles from their respective original sources and can vouch that I have seen no evidence of rewrites. One can never be too careful with info on the web. Any quotes that I have made in this piece can be directly attributed to the following sources.

Secret tunnels used by Knights Templar and Illuminati in Hertford

Hertford, home of the Holy Grail
Pope was investigating Knights Templar before his election
Hertford Grail trail hits Aussie headlines
Michael Jackson checks in with tribute to historic Hertford Templar
Landowner Blocks Hunt for Templar Treasure
Revealed: Hertford's man in Hitler's bunker


11 January 2007

Grail Seeker's Media Watch since November

After the holidays and a nasty bout of stomach flu have taken their toll on me, here’s a recap of Grail related material that’s shown up in the media for late November through present.

On Audio:

The Laura Lee show has an audio interview with Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy on Christianity’s Gnostic Origins.

Some recent interviews on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamlands you might find interesting:

Laurence Gardner on White Powder Gold

William Mann on Templar Secrets

Gregg Braden discusses his book the God Code

On the Big Screen:

Salvation, a Templar-ish movie, is slated to have a trailer shown at the Sundance film festival this year.

On the Web:

The Fortean Times has an article on discyphering Rosslyn Chapel’s enigmatic images.

The Behind the Da Vinci Code web site has links to a nice Rosslyn picture gallery and a Da Vinci Code tour of the Louve.

Andrew Gough’s blog Arcadia has an interview with Rennes-le-Château researcher Jean-Luc Robin.

Tracy Twyman investigates Sauniere’s secret room in this blog entry.

In the News:

All of you with an interest in alchemy will be interested to know that scientists have molecular rings in shape of King Solomon's Knot.

The Mayor of Hertford tries to decide on how to cash in on the Grail/Templar buzz about town. Also in other Hertford news, the Office of Tourism snubs a BBC podcast about the town and its connections.

A 500 candle ceremony lights the way to the winter solstice from a pseudo-Templar group in Snohomish County.

More talk of Masonic/Templar rock formations out in the Western US.

Saint Paul’s tomb is found under the altar of a Roman Church? You be the judge.

Archeologists find a church that was used to house the Ark of the Covenant? Once again, judge for yourself.

The Independent takes another look at Richard Leigh and Michael Baigent in a profile piece.

In Print:

Is Joseph Smith part of the blood line of Jesus? The author of the new book; Dynasty of the Holy Grail: Mormonism's Sacred Bloodline seems to think so.

Interested in winning 1 Million Pounds? (That’s UK currency, not a million pounds of pocket lint) Maranatha Et in Arcadia Ego: The Holy Grail And Da Vinci Secrets Revealed is a “solve the code and win the prize” book that was published last month. I’ve just ordered mine from Amazon, and will have some more in the coming weeks.

Extraordinary People is yet another in the recent long line of Da Vinci Code coat tail riders.

Tip Site of the Week:

Searchable database of Parzival,

If you know Middle High German, Titus has supplied a line by line searchable database for you. This site is for the hard core that are looking for occurrences of particular words within the text.