Key to the Sacred Pattern

31 May 2006

Book Lists and Reviews are Comming

Over the past few days, I have had a number of emails regarding books that I might suggest on a number of topics. The next few blogs I post will contain books on various topics that would be of interest to you Grail Seekers out there. If you have any other topics that you trip your trigger, drop me a line and I’ll dig through my library to see what I can come up with.

On a note of shameless self promotion, I have included links for each of these texts to Amazon. Grail Seekers is a proud affiliate with Amazon (and hopefully soon Alibris), so if you’re interested in a text please utilize these links. And finally, Grail Seekers has cool swag at Café Press Thank you for your continued support in Grail Seekers.

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Marcus said...

Hello myspace friend. I find this blog to be very intelectual and thought stimulating and well researched. The artifacts, environment background, the date and period appears to be authentic. You have arroused my curiosity and I will be checking back to read these things further more to have a deeper insight on these subjects. The knight's Templer has also captured my attention as well as the drinking cup. There is also a pool of healing that rested at the enterance of a great city during the time of Christ that may be of interest to you, Ponce De Leon had once saught the fountain of youth, the Bible tells us where the fountain of youth had once existed.
I commend you and compliment you highly on this exquisite composition.

Gallant Knight