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11 January 2007

Grail Seeker's Media Watch since November

After the holidays and a nasty bout of stomach flu have taken their toll on me, here’s a recap of Grail related material that’s shown up in the media for late November through present.

On Audio:

The Laura Lee show has an audio interview with Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy on Christianity’s Gnostic Origins.

Some recent interviews on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamlands you might find interesting:

Laurence Gardner on White Powder Gold

William Mann on Templar Secrets

Gregg Braden discusses his book the God Code

On the Big Screen:

Salvation, a Templar-ish movie, is slated to have a trailer shown at the Sundance film festival this year.

On the Web:

The Fortean Times has an article on discyphering Rosslyn Chapel’s enigmatic images.

The Behind the Da Vinci Code web site has links to a nice Rosslyn picture gallery and a Da Vinci Code tour of the Louve.

Andrew Gough’s blog Arcadia has an interview with Rennes-le-Château researcher Jean-Luc Robin.

Tracy Twyman investigates Sauniere’s secret room in this blog entry.

In the News:

All of you with an interest in alchemy will be interested to know that scientists have molecular rings in shape of King Solomon's Knot.

The Mayor of Hertford tries to decide on how to cash in on the Grail/Templar buzz about town. Also in other Hertford news, the Office of Tourism snubs a BBC podcast about the town and its connections.

A 500 candle ceremony lights the way to the winter solstice from a pseudo-Templar group in Snohomish County.

More talk of Masonic/Templar rock formations out in the Western US.

Saint Paul’s tomb is found under the altar of a Roman Church? You be the judge.

Archeologists find a church that was used to house the Ark of the Covenant? Once again, judge for yourself.

The Independent takes another look at Richard Leigh and Michael Baigent in a profile piece.

In Print:

Is Joseph Smith part of the blood line of Jesus? The author of the new book; Dynasty of the Holy Grail: Mormonism's Sacred Bloodline seems to think so.

Interested in winning 1 Million Pounds? (That’s UK currency, not a million pounds of pocket lint) Maranatha Et in Arcadia Ego: The Holy Grail And Da Vinci Secrets Revealed is a “solve the code and win the prize” book that was published last month. I’ve just ordered mine from Amazon, and will have some more in the coming weeks.

Extraordinary People is yet another in the recent long line of Da Vinci Code coat tail riders.

Tip Site of the Week:

Searchable database of Parzival,

If you know Middle High German, Titus has supplied a line by line searchable database for you. This site is for the hard core that are looking for occurrences of particular words within the text.

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