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17 February 2007

Grail Seeker Media Watch for the Weeks Ending 10 and 17 Feb 07

Upcoming on Grail Seekers:

Well I would never make it in the newspaper business simply because I can’t meet a writing deadline to save my soul. I’m still trying to bang out a few past promised articles, so please bear with me. Life and work has a way of screwing these things up when this is your “hobby”.

On Audio:

19 Feb 07 on Coast to Coast AM; director of the New World Discovery Institute, Gunnar Thompson, will discuss the forbidden history of the world before Columbus.

On the Web:

The Bloodlines movie web site has an update on supposed Priory of Zion artifacts.

Author Philip Gardiner pens an article on the state of things in the Book of Thoth.

Is the number 22 the key in the Rennes-le-Château mystery? Andrew Gough seems to think it might.

The Daily Grail gets a facelift. Thanks guys, the site is much easier on the eye.

Leyzzy’s blog has some thoughts on symbols at Rosslyn.

In Print:

The Desecrated Abbey, a new book available only in Spanish, claims that Himmler went to Spain looking for the Grail.

Yet another Templar novel deals with the Cross of Ramplet

In the News:

1.8 million Indian manuscripts are now available on line. This might be valuable for all those looking in to Jesus or the Apostles in India.

More post Da Vinci Code fall out, the Louvre staff goes on strike due to stress. They should try working my job…

More questions arise over the James Ossuary in Israel.

New medieval views of Stonehenge arise

The city of Royston gets on the Hertfordshire Templar/Grail tourism train.

More artifacts are found at the Temple Mount. If you haven’t been following this story over the last few years, any excavations there have been a hot mess.

Did Jesus build a hut in England?

In Film:

The Number 23 is sure to spark more conspiracy theories in the next few weeks. Like we needed more of those.

Game on:

Knights of the Temple 2 is due to ship this week. I’m not sure if it will be available on the US. The first Knights of the Temple was not and the Xbox version was only in PAL format. And good luck trying to find a PC version on Ebay.

The Crossing comes to Xbox 360. This game takes you into a world where the Templars survived Black Friday. Funny, I thought they did.

Tip of the Week:

For the last couple of years I’ve been using Microsoft One Note to compile articles related to the Grail and other areas of interest. Imagine an electronic card file that you can seamlessly copy articles, video, and art from a web page. It makes doing research so much easier since articles that appear on the web have a habit of not staying around too long. It’s also integrated with all of Microsoft programs, which is a plus. The new 2007 version should be available later this month.

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