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01 September 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 1 Sept 07

Grail Seekers this week:

There’s a lot of news this week. It seems that this summer has presented more new news and research that I’ve seen in a while. There’s any number of folks out there doing some quality work in the areas that pique our collective interests. And now for the buzz…

On Audio:

Scott Wolters returns for a full interview on the Oopa Loopa Café on the Kensington Rune Stone and other North American finds that point to pre-Columbian visits by Europeans. Scott also showed up on Red Ice Creations Radio this week as well. Scott is making a great case for his work. I talked to him last week and I can assure you that there’s a lot more in this field that is left to be discovered.

Tim Wallace-Murphy was on X Zone Radio on the 27th talking about the blood line of Jesus.

In the News:

A wall of the Second Temple is thought to be found on the Temple Mount. There is supposedly some footage of the wall that was shown on an Israeli TV station. I’ve done some searches, and it doesn’t seem that there’s a copy on the web. If you know of one, let me know and I’ll post it.

A discovery in Galilee helps to give independent confirmation of Solomon and Hiram (King of Tyre, not the architect of the Temple. I know I was hoping too...) story.

60,000 black cats are being killed each year in Italy because of old superstitions says an Italian Animal Right’s group.

A waterworks project near Edinburgh runs through an area where a number of medieval Templar related slabs were found.

Did the real Merlin eat Haggis? A new book thinks the legendary wizard was Scottish.

Were there two Sphinxes at the Giza Pyramid complex?

Da Vinci’s painting techniques are uncovered by using particle accelerators. Thanks to horror writer and all around good guy Bob Freeman for the link.

Tomb raiders are making short work of Bulgarian antiquities. Odd how stories like this follow shortly after excavations of Templar sites have been underway.

ABC News has the breaking story that some folks think Freemasons are a secret society.

The piece is even handed and not too sensational.

On the Web:

For all those who check out the Paranormal Report, the site is back up with a new facelift.

I’d list all the articles that the Radio Rennessence Feed has this week, but there’s a boat load of good stuff there and I have to be at work in the morning. Check it out and add it to your RSS Feed.

Live and In Person:

On 4 Oct 07, the Atlantis Book Shop in London will be hosting author Tobias Churton for a book release shin dig of his new book, Freemasonry: The Reality.

Blog On:

My Space friend Glenn writes about the Templars and Baphomet.

The Latest Word blog thinks that Denver International Airport is a Illuminati outpost.

A Light in the Darkness blog has a gigantic mystery about Glastonbury Tor.

Thoughts on Ancient Gospels and the Like blog tells the tale of many Magdala Towers.

Having nothing to do with the Grail, here’s a wonderful picture of Coral Castle about 30 minutes after sunset.

In the Pursuit of God blog begins an eight part series on Who are the Cherubim?

The Templar Globe gives us a history and commentary on the Temple Mount

Anthony North’s Beyond the Blog delvs into Christian mystics.

On Video:

Video of the The Templars in Almourol; thanks to Luis de Matos from the Templar Globe for the heads up on this one.

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