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14 May 2009

Pittsburgh Scottish Rite Talk

I was invited to speak to the Pittsburgh Scottish Rite on 20 Apr 09 by Brother Tony Gennaccaro. Originally, I had planned on video taping the talk, but there was an issue with pressing the record button I think… The good news is that I took a pocket recorder for back-up and recorded it from there. The audio isn’t the best in the world, and it’s a little hard to hear some of the questions ask by the audience. So I’m not gong to win any Blog awards for this broadcast….

The event was a success and the Brothers in Pittsburgh were quite hospitable. Brother Tony took me around town and showed me the sites before the talk. It was an honor to be chosen as their key note speaker that night. Thanks for inviting me to your event guys. Hope you enjoy.

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TRON said...

I will put this very simply, to see if you will pay attention.
I know have and are using , as are some of my followers, the holy grail, all 3 parts needed for eternal life.
read it all and judge it only by those it has healed....