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03 November 2009

Mystical Legends - Girona A City Of Secrets Ban in the UK

I received a note from Xochi Adams of Quest Books about the following issue earlier today.  Please take a moment to read Carrie's e-mail and take a good hard look at censorship in the UK.  If you're a UK citizen, I suggest you contact your elected officials and the station that pulled the plug on this piece and voice your opinion.  If this piece caused enough controversy to be taken off TV, how long is it before you or I have our free speech rights infringed on?

'Mystical Legends - Girona, A City Of Secrets' . The film they tried to ban from Carrie Kirkpatrick on Vimeo.

I have published below the email that I received from Controversial TV on 20th October 2009.

Read the email, watch the documentary 'Mystical Legends - Girona A City Of Secrets' and solve this mystery.

Hi Carrie,

Hope you are well? Unfortunately after a few meetings with the people at the top we have been asked to pull your shows of the channel, and unfortunately are hands are tied Carrie. I know you have gone to alot of trouble to get these shows ready for us, and also promoting it to your friends and even going to the extent of paying for the music. But we have been told that Due to circumstances out of control we cannot show them anymore. I understand that you will not be happy with this decision, but i also hope you understand that we have to abide by the people above us and their decisions. I ‘m sorry to have to be the one to deliver the news, and i hope you understand the situation we are in.

Best wishes

As a result of receiving this email, I'm running a competition for the best conspiracy theory and there will be a bottle of champagne for the person who can solve this mystery.

Email your answers to

We are screening this documentary at Secret Chiefs, The Devereux , Deverux Court, London WC2 near Temple tube on Wednesday 25th November at 8.00pm. The winner of the competition will be announced at 10.30pm.

I hope to see you there,

Carrie Kirkpatrick

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