Key to the Sacred Pattern

22 December 2011

Interview with Priory of Sion Ambassador Nicholas Haywood on Night Vision Radio

Nicholas Haywood
Last night Priory of Sion Ambassador Nicholas Haywood was interviewed on Rene Barnett's Night Vision Radio.  Even as cryptic as Haywood is, there are a a few revelations that can be gleaned from the chat.  First off, there seems to be a rift between different factions within the Priory.  Haywood seems to be quite put out with the fact the Priory isn't releasing information to the public in a timely fashion. Secondly, Haywood  admits that political power broker/industrialist Armand Hammer was a member of the Priory.  For those interested in the Priory, it is defiantly worth a listen... The interview with Nicholas Haywood can be listened to by clicking this link.

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