Key to the Sacred Pattern

02 July 2006

Grail Seeker Media Watch for the Week Ending 1 July 06

This is all the news that I found of any interest this week. If you know of any additions, please let me know.

An interesting article on the Book of Thothweb site entitled The Nature of the Holy Grail explores what the Grail could be.

The Fortean Times Issue #212 has articles on The Priory of Zion and the musical cipher in Rosslyn Chapel. (At least I scooped the Fortean Times on this one…)

Andrew Gough’s Arcadia has an interview with long time Grail researcher Phillip Coppens

History Channel announces Lost Worlds: The Knights Templar Special that will air on 10 July 06 at 9pm EST. The special will focus on their HQ at the Temple Mount, The Temple Church in London, and excavations in Syria.

Bucharest Daily News announces the opening of the first Romanian York Rite Masonic Lodge. At least the first public opening of one. I have no doubt that there were a number of underground Lodges that operated behind the former Iron Curtain.

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