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09 July 2006

Grail Seeker Media Watch for the Week Ending 8 July 06

  • The Lichfield Mercury News has an article announcing Clifton Powers has written a book about decoding the letters inscribed at the Shepherds at Arcadia monument at Shugborough Hall. “Mr Power's book, Arcadia: The Solution to the Templar Code, claims an acronymic code where each letter stands for a Latin word”; which has nothing to do with Grail mysteries. Of other note relating to this story, Bletchley Park held a contest in 2004 to solve this puzzle. At the time Bletchley Park promised further information on their findings, which has never come. As a matter of fact, I can find no reference to the project on Bletchley’s web site. I’ll report more on this aspect of this story when some of my feelers come back in.
  • Zenit New Agency reported that when Benedict XVI is in Valencia on Saturday (yesterday), he will venerate the Valencia Chalice. This chalice is kept in the cathedral of Valencia and is yet another contender for being the cup used at the Last Supper. As of this posting, I have not been able to find confirmation that this veneration by the Pope happened.
  • There’s been a lot of talk of a relic that was found in Colorado some 45 years ago. Originally, researchers thought that the mystery relic was part of a cross brought to the area by Spanish Explorers. Now the consensus seems to be that it is a sheath to a Masonic sword. Confused? So am I. Here are the articles that are relevant to this topic.

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