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22 October 2006

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 21 Oct 06

Folks, it’s been a pretty dry Grail in the media week. I’ve found one article that might be of interest to the Grail Seeker.

To make this blog at least worth reading, I’ll throw out some web sites that I’ve found this week that might be of help to you and your quest.

Grail Literature References

Searchable database of Parzival, line by line

If you know Middle High German, Titus has supplied a line by line searchable database for you. This site is for the hard core thatare looking for occurrences of particular words within the text.

Grail Stories

A list and commentary on Grail literature in the Middle Ages. This is the short course on all the major Grail works is at your finger tips.

Dictionaries and Translation Sites

Foreign Language Dictionaries

Here’s a listing of free on line dictionaries. Latin, Greek, Hebrew, English, French, and German are all listed. There’s also a handy list of biblical dictionaries. A fun dream interpretation dictionary is listed as well. Remember these are not translation sites. But they are good for getting other possible nuances of words that translation software doesn’t quite get.

Lycos has created a means break down language barriers on the Web. Their Bable Fish (a nod to all of you Hitchhiker's Guide fans) translator will translate entire URLs or text string entries. Translation software, in general, has come along way in the last few years, but does have its limitations. Idiomatic expressions, subtitles of meanings, and tense are always a sticking point in any translation program. At very least, it will give you a much clearer picture that you had looking at a foreign language screen. Languages supported for translation into English are: French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.

Word Lingos is another free translation site that supports all the languages of the Lycos translator as well as Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Greek, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Free Translation has a number of languages listed, but the special character tools listed are unique to this site. You can translate strings of text and change those pesky odd characters like vowels with umlauts in German with this version.

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