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20 May 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 19 May 07

On Audio:

The Hilly Rose show interviews Sesh Hari on Nikola Tesla and secret societies.

In the News:

The Herald thinks that Freemasonry’s lost secrets can be found in the Necropolis in Glasgow. This isn’t a new theory as the article’s author would lead you to believe. I remember at the 1999 Canonbury Masonic Research Institute conference, James Stephen Curl gave a lecture on Masonic graves sites and he included Glasgow. Also, the Google Earth Marker for the Necropolis can be found if you do a search for "Glasgow Necropolis".

NPR reviews the effects of the Da Vinci Code and a revitalization of Freemasonry.

The Scotsman talks to the Grand Librarian of Scottish Freemasonry Bob Cooper. I’ve met Bob and if there’s anyone out there that knows a thing or two about a thing or two, it’s him.

Ronald Hutton was interviewed by the Independent on his unique views on the ancient Druids.

On the Web:

The Biblical Archeological Society blasts The Tomb of Jesus documentary.

Taki’s Top Drawer site takes a look at the history and conspiracy theories involved with Opus Dei.

For those of you that have had questions about the Bloodlines documentary, Andrew Gough’s site has a piece by Ben Hammott himself on his tomb find.

Far Shores reprints an article by Dr. Karen Ralls on Rosslyn Chapel. She should know, she use to be an assistant curator.

Ed McGrath has a rather simple approach to solving the Shughburough Hall Shepherds at Arcadia inscription.

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