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26 May 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Endning 26 May 07

Grail Seekers this week:

This week marks the one year anniversary of the Grail Seekers blog. Thanks for everyone’s support in this last year and for the next year who knows? Maybe I’ll get off my duff and actually do a real web site.

Ok, since the Oreo Cookie exercise was a bust, the T-Shirt has been awarded to Grail Seeker’s logo designer Barry Edwards. Largely in part because he was the only one to post a response. If you like the logo, he’s a heck of a graphic designer and would love to do your freelance work…


I must admit I have been lax in giving out the proper kudos to those that have supported the Grail Seekers site. A special thanks goes out to the following sites/blogs for linking back to my humble efforts here.

Dr. Karen Ralls floated me a nice e-mail this week. Check out her site Ancient Quests, you’ll be glad you did.

Ben Hammot’s Site: Keep up to date with Ben’s discoveries at RLC through his site. His discoveries have been chronicled in the upcoming documentary Bloodlines and might change what we think about RLC.

The Burning Taper: News and commentary of Freemasonry and other areas of interest are the order of the day for the Taper.

Southern Knight: Looking for news on esoterica and other topics. A good site from a guy that lives farther south of the Mason-Dixon line than I do. And people ask me if we have running water in the Southern USA

Last but not least, thanks to the Spectra site for making Grail Seekers a featured blog!

Thanks again!

In the News:

For all of you that have gotten interested in music being made from odd things via the Stuart Mitchell-Rosslyn Cube “discovery”; scientists have made music out of protein sequences. Speaking of, the News for Medievalists blog reprinted an article in the Sunday Mail that questions the veracity of the Mitchell’s Rosslyn Motet. Huh, wonder where we’ve heard that before?

While not a Grail interest directly, the has put 90 million US military records on line. It could help with someone’s research, but it’s going to cost you.

On Film:

Looks like you fans of the Broken Sword game series will get your chance to see the game looks like on the big screen.

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