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14 July 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for 1 July to 14 July 07

Grail Seekers this week:

I really think I had ADHD in a former life. In the last month I’ve started 6 articles and keep pecking away at all of them. That’s not to mention the stuff I started 6 months ago and haven’t finished. Brother can you spare a cup of Ritalin?

Since I lost my initial train of thought, I have started two things that everyone might be interested in. On Google Maps, I’ve started work on a map of places relating to Grail Lore and one is a catalogue of Templar sites. It’s a work in progress, so there’s a lot of places I haven’t put in yet and a ton of descriptions yet to write. If you have a place you think should be on the list and its location, contact me. If you wish to do a write-up, all of the credit and glory is yours. Now for the news of the last two weeks.

On Audio:

William Henry will talk about his visit to RLC on Dreamlands on the 14 July 07.

In the News:

You couldn’t swing a rabbit’s foot without hitting one article about Friday the 13th this week.

Questions are raised about the Archimedes Manuscript

Everything you always wanted to know about Druids, but were afraid to ask.

Archeologists start a survey of Scone. Thanks again to Bob Freeman.

The Pope gives the green light to explore Saint Paul’s tomb.

Yet more from Italy, as the cops crack down on Archeological Treasure hunters. Once again, I am seeing some patterns forming in Italy, but there are still some dots to connect.

A Battle Creek, MI couple completes the 500 mile Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage on foot.

The Turkish Siege of the Hospitaller stronghold at Malta makes the Daily Mail about 450 years too late.

The Temple Mount Bridge project is now a thing of the past.

An Old Testament figure is mentioned on a 2600 year old tablet.

On the Web:

The Daily Grail interviews Holy Land archeologist and historian Dr. Sean Kingsley

Philip Coppens wrestles with the mysteries of Chartres Cathedral.

Andrew Gough interviews André Douzet of Société Perillos.

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry deciphers Da Vinci’s codes.

The links between Sauniere and the Virgin Mary are expounded on by the Societe Perillos.

The Chinese Green and the Red Societies declare war on the Illuminati? While this sounds like John Carpenter’s unfinished plot for the sequel to Big Trouble in Little China, it does raise some interesting questions about what might be going on in the esoteric shadow world.

On Film:

The Danish film, The Lost Treasures of the Knights Templar III begins filming in Malta.

Blog On:

Chateau_du_Guerinet writes about why the Priory of Sion is a hoax.

Glenn on his My Space Blog looks at the history of the often overlooked Knights of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem.

Le Journal De Rennes Le Chateau blog might be worth keeping up with if you know French or have a translation page. Or you can check out the pictures.

Ben Fairhall looks at some sacred peaks in The New Jerusalem.

Giucoz's (im)personal Web Space has some good pictures of Rosslyn Chapel and other sites in and around Edinburgh.

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