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01 July 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 30 Jun 07

Grail Seekers this week:

Not much to report this week, I’m still trying to finish up past projects… Go figure, if I only didn't have to sleep I'd get much much more done.

On Audio:

It seems to be Egypt week on the Laura Lee show. A number of interviews this week will address topics from the tunnels under Giza to acoustical properties of the Great Pyramid.

In the News:

The Dead Sea Scrolls tour continues in San Diego with the usual debate that has followed since their discovery.

Reporter Bob Kroon, one of the two men who bought the Saunière estate in Rennes-le-Château in 1993, passed away on 24 June 07. An interesting day for a man connected to RLC to pass. Thanks to the Radio Rennessence feed for catching this one.

On the Web:

The Daily Grail gives some tidbits of Dr Sean Kingsley’s article in Minerva magazine about the pair of Cherubim Statues that once flanked the Ark of the Covenant in Solomon’s Temple.

Ben Hammott visits the Galibert Tomb around RLC. For those of you following Ben’s work you might be interested in how he was lead to the discovery in the second bottle.

In Print

Sauniere's Secret has been translated into English by none other than Henry Lincoln.

Outskirts Press announces Mab's Cross Trilogy, part one has been published.

Blog On:

Anthony North looks at how storytelling might have influenced Grail interpretations.

Southern Knight reviews The Secrets of Freemasonry

The BS Historian sees the Light at Rosslyn about the not so recently discovered light box.

I get an interesting send up and article reprint on Global Conscience site.

Tip Site of the Week:

Thanks to Far Shores for the link on their blog listings. If you’re not savvy to their site, it’s one of the better conglomeration sites for all topics odd and fantastical.

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