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27 January 2008

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 26 Jan 08

Grail Seekers this week:

I think the weather in a majority of the US has stymied the flow of news this week. It’s pretty dead on the wires this week. Work on the web site continues… And I thought I had written a lot of content for the site over the past year… No so much. I’ll keep you posted.

On Audio:

Michael Tsarion is interviewed on the Occult of Personality; Podcast #39 on the Occult History of Judeo–Christianity.

Laura Lee will interview Christopher Knight on 2 Feb 08 about the History of Freemasonry.

In the News:

Are Satanists responsible for stealing Holy Water from the Chiesa della Gran Madre di Dio in Turin? Chalk this up to another odd occurrence in Italy.

It looks like the Bloodlines documentary will finally come out this Spring.

Is Dan Brown’s new novel even close to coming out?

National Geographic begins a nine part on line video presentation called Treasure Wars – Who Owns the Past?

The Biblical Archaeological Society gives some expanded coverage of the Jesus Tomb debates of the last few weeks.

On the Web:

What exactly is the Priory of Sion doing in American politics? I know they’re the ones that talked Fred Thompson to drop out of the race.

A 20 year old picture of odd engravings showed up this week on the Coast to Coast AM web site.

In Print:

The Times On Line reviews a new book that looks at the contributions of Islamic science in the Middle Ages.

Blog On:

The Odd Potato Blog gives us a look into Temket celebrations this year. (They promise pictures are to follow…)

The Templar Globe looks into Templar banking practices and their effect during the Crusades.

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