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12 February 2008

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 9 Feb 08

Grail Seekers this week:

I’ve been furiously working on the web site for the last few weeks, hence the lack of items on the blog. I’m going to shoot for next Monday publishing of . The site is designed to bring you closer to some of the resources on the web to help your Grail Quest. Keep your eyes on the blog for the announcement of when the site will go live. Now for the news of the last two weeks, and maybe I can get back to doing some blog writing…

On Audio:

The Oopa Loopa Café had a show on archeological trends in 2008 on the 8th.

Laura Lee will interview Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy about Christianity's Gnostic origins on the 15th.

Red Ice Creation’s featured interview is with John Lash on Gnosticism and the Abrahamic religions.

In the News:

There was a meeting of the Knights Templar Croatia and Slovenia took place in Medjugorje during the last week-end of January.

The last episode of the TV series Miriana Coljerò, was filmed in Malta with a Templar battle scene this week.

More news from Iceland on the Grail hunt there. A knife found in 1990 has given the team some hope they are on the right track.

The double life of the Dead Sea Scrolls is traced on the CNRS site

Israeli archaeologist revises reading of ancient seal inscription

A new move to save ancient manuscripts in Timbuktu

A white stag is spotted in the Scottish Highlands.

Scottish Mason’s marks to be recorded (Thanks Bob)

On the Web:

The Thule Society wasn’t up to quite what you thought they were up to…

Blog On:

The Discover the Undiscovered Blog has an article and pictures of the Ethiopian Timket celebrations.

The Templar Globe spends 24 hours in Acre

On Video:

A Walking Tour of Rosicrucian Park

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