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23 April 2008

Grail Seekers Media Watch since 5 Apr 08

Grail Seekers this since last time:

With any luck, I should be returning to New York for the Bloodlines press conference at the Jewish Museum on 5 May 08. I’ve been in contact with Bruce Burgess and the folks at Cinema Libre Studios about getting a press pass to attend. So cross your fingers and throw some salt over your shoulder… If the trip does materialize, I’ll be doing audio blogs to keep everyone up to speed on the press conference.

On Audio:

Dreamlands was busy in the last week… Dr. Karen Ralls, author of the Templar Encyclopedia appeared on 19 Apr 08. Laurence Gardner appeared on 12 Apr 08 talking about his take on the bloodline of Jesus. Catch these interviews before they go into the archive vault.

Radio Rennessence has posted their interview with Henry Lincoln of Holy Blood, Holy Grail fame.

In the News:

A possible druid grave has been found in Colchester, UK.

Was Da Vinci of Arabic descent?

Could Gordon Brown open the way for Catholics to ascend the throne in England?

Viking artifacts have been found in Northern Scotland.

More news of illegal digs in Rennes-le-Chateau surface. You’ll need a translator or the ability to read French for this article.

The BBC follows the excavations inside the ring at Stonehenge. The article has embedded video of the dig.

On the Web:

The Alchemy Lab web site has a concise history of alchemy from Egypt to modern day.

Softpedia explores the monolithic Churches of Ethiopia. Check out the pictures in this article. It’s hard not to see the connections between the Templars, and Freemasonry of that matter, after seeing these images.

Sacred Texts posts Pike’s Morals and Dogma on line.

Blog On:

Bruce Burgess has been busy with around 20 entries into the Official Bloodlines blog in the last week.

Anthony North asks, Does the Devil have a Halo? I know the Devil plays Halo 3, and he’s running around with an energy sword which he commonly skewers me with…

The Truth Will Set You Free blog digs up the theory that Stanley Kubrick was killed by the Illuminati for making Eyes Wide Shut.

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