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06 February 2013

Mercedes-Benz Makes an Offical Apology for Super Bowl "Soul" Ad

I must confess I didn't think we'd see this, but a few hours ago Mercedes-Benz released an official apology to Freemasons for their "Soul" ad aired during this year's Super Bowl. Reported by
The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of Washington's Facebook page was this:

Apology from Mercedes-Benz
mbusa 2 hours ago

We apologize to anyone offended by the use of the ring worn in our commercial, 'Soul,' that ran during the Super Bowl.

It was not our intention to make any association with the Freemasons or any organization. In fact, neither we nor our advertising agency were aware that the ring could be associated with the Freemasons. To avoid any confusion going forward, we will modify the commercial prior to any future television airings.

It would seem that tilting at windmills does work... 

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