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03 February 2013

NBC's Audry Washington Sandy Hook Tweet Conspiracy Evidence is Smoke and Mirrors

Audry Washington's tweet as seen without logging into Twitter.
While not a usual post for the Grail Seekers blog, this screen shot of a tweet by NBC's Audry Washington is making the social media rounds. One can view the original tweet at this link: If you're not logged into your Twitter account, you should see an image much like the one to the left with a time stamp of 8:36 AM on the morning of 14 Dec 2012. How can that be? The tragic shootings at Sandy Hook began an hour later at approximately 9:30 AM EST. This must mean that the whole event is a scam put on by the government to grab our guns! Or at least that's what is being bandied about...

As much as I do love seemingly damning evidence in a purported conspiracy, this piece of "evidence" is smoke and mirrors. Now try logging into your Twitter account and then viewing the link. Unless you're in the Pacific Time Zone, the time stamp on the tweet will change. What magic is this? The elves at Twitter show the time of tweets relative to the time zone you set in your preferences. I happen to live in the Central Time Zone and the second screen grab is what I saw after logging into my Twitter account. The time as changed to 10:36 AM. Since Central Time is one hour behind Eastern Time, this was tweeted at 11:36 AM. For those keeping score, that's a little less than two hours after the shootings began.
Audry Washington's tweet after logging into Twitter.

I'm no proponent of the Sandy Hook conspiracy and feel a mentally ill young man undertook an course of action that is nearly inconceivable to the vast majority of Americans. I can't even begin to imagine what the parents of those children are going through and I can only believe that twaddle like this increases their pain. Possibly in posting a little truth to dispel a Sandy Hook myth will give a tiny fraction of the infinitely needed solace to those touched by this tragedy.

The other reason for this posting is for those of us out there who do question officially stamped news stories and the approved version of history fed to us by the powers that be. When someone in our community posts something like Audry Washington's Sandy Hook tweet, it is generally accepted as Gospel truth and blindly shared on Twitter or Facebook. The myth spreads like the Spanish Flu until the question of truth or validity is no longer asked. We are quick to discount anything an authority figure or government official says out of hand, but embrace a community member's slick You Tube video or Facebook post without an ounce of inspection. Can someone remind me of the definition of "sheeple" again?

Those with alternative views on history and current events have to be held to a higher standard. If we are to convince anyone our point of view is valid, beyond stating that point of view is speculation, we must examine each piece of evidence from within the community as we examine discrepancies in officially sanctioned stories. Only then will the mainstream forget about tin foil hats and begin to form legitimate questions of their own.


Adam said...

I live on the east coast and the time stamps say the tweets were made before the shootings. Now how do you want to explain that one?

Brian Kannard said...

Did you check the settings on your Twitter account? The default time zone setting is for Pacific Time...

chartres rose said...

This is the least of the Sandy Hook issues. Check out Dr.James Tracy's Memory Whole site for much more disturbing commentary and evidence (or lack thereof)analysis.
Truly as the witches in Macbeth say, "Fair is foul and foul is fair."...things are not as they seem.