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13 April 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 14 Apr 07

This week on Grail Seekers:

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On Audio:

Laura Lee interviews Peter Gandy & Timothy Freke on Secret Gnositic Knowledge on 21 Apr 07.

In the News:

A bevy of Friday the 13th articles always pop up every Friday the 13th (is that redundant?) Check here, here, and here for the day’s history and why people still freak out about it.

The Mirror gives an overview of the major relics related to Jesus.

Here’s a beginning point for anyone interested in the bloodline carvings in Royston Cave

Is this old Templar Hospital turned home haunted?

The West Chester University gave a presentation by photo journal Frank Kilcar on his travels and different theories on the Holy Grail.

On the Web:

Are the Rothchilds part of the Grail bloodline?

Esolibris has a primer on Kabbalah and it’s relation to quantum physics.

Beltane is coming up, get your torches ready.

On Film:

Crews film part of Nation Treasure 2 in front of the capitol.

Tips of the Week:

The Hidden Romance of the New Testament

James Robertson gives in on his views on Joseph. Robertson is a professor of New Testament Language at the United Free Church of Aberdeen, so the text has a number of Early Church and Biblical references. An enlightening read.

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