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21 April 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 21 Apr 07

This week on Grail Seekers:

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On TV:

History Channel: Monday, April 23, 2007;

7-8pm (CST): Lost Worlds - Knights Templar

9-10pm (CST) Cities of the Underworld: Scotland's Sin City: Edinburgh

On Audio:

On the Laura Lee Show 22 and 23 Apr 07; Peter Gandy & Timothy Freke - Secret Gnostic Teachings Parts 1 and 2.

In the News:

Scholars are starting to back peddle from their part in the Tomb of Jesus documentary.

De viribus quantitatis has finally been translated in English. For those not familiar, it was a text on the basic magic tricks and numeric puzzles that was supposedly written by a friend of Da Vinci.

Archeologists in Bulgaria are searching for Knights Templar sites. Also, the relics of a Bulgarian King are going to be reburied after 800 years. I wonder if these two articles are somehow linked. It’s interested that one never hears anything about Bulgaria, and now two articles come up…

Biblical Archaeology Review has a 60th anniversary issue of the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

On the Web:

Andrew Gough delves into Louis de Coma and his stations of the cross. Also on Andrew’s blog is an article by Corjan de Raaf exploring three maps relating to Rennes-le-Château.

The Smithsonian Magazine gives a tour of the Scottish Rite House of the Temple. does a fluff travel piece on King Arthur and Tintagel

Andy North gives a very brief overview of Mary Magdalene in his blog.

Tips of the Week:

Don’t buy into anyone claiming that having shots of Jagermeister 30 minutes before last call is a good idea…

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