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28 April 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 28 Apr 07

This week on Grail Seekers:

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Finally, I am still working on a few articles that the muse hasn’t drug out of me. One is on the decoding of Rosslyn Cubes. I posted an article last year on this here, and still think something is funny about the situation. Other than that, not too much in the way of news out there this week.

In the News:

The Pope’s new book Jesus of Nazareth is flying off the shelves. It’s being billed as a response to the Da Vinci Code by reviewers everywhere. In other Catholic news this week, the Vatican deletes Limbo from their dogma.

A Knights Templar site is being excavated in London

While the subject of the history of corn doesn’t sound like it would have anything to do with the Grail, don’t forget Rosslyn has cravings of corn 50 years before Columbus came back to Europe with any.

On the Web:

Graham Hancock’s site has an article from Petros Koutoupis on the origins of the Nephilim

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