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02 June 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 2 June 07

Grail Seekers this week:

Do you ever have the feeling that something you thought was a hare-brained idea isn’t such an odd thought after all? I’ve had that feeling a lot this last week on some research I’ve been doing. Not meaning to be enigmatic, but hopefully I’ll have something to share soon that connects some dots regarding a famous author and the Grail in some unexpected ways. Think good thoughts for me on this one…

On TV:

History Channel:

4 June 07; 8-9pm -- Cities of the Underworld – Istanbul

4 June 07; 10-11pm -- Cities of the Underworld - City of Caves: Budapest

7 June 07; 9-10pm -- Decoding the Past - The Other Nostradamus: Edgar Cayce

8 June 07; 8-10pm -- Bible Battles

11 June 07; 8-9pm -- Decoding the Past - Mayan Doomsday Prophecy

9-10pm -- Cities of the Underworld - London's Lost Cities

10-11pm -- Digging for the Truth - The Real Sin City: Sodom & Gomorrah.

On Audio:

Coast to Coast AM will feature founder of Historical Realists and author, Patrick Conway, will discuss how the fall of the gods and collapse of the ancient world on 6 June 07.

The Hilly Rose show interviews Frank Joseph, author of Opening the Ark of the Covenant about the Ark’s history.

In the News:

A junior-high school student channels a Knight Templar for a history competition. I’m not sure if this is a colorful metaphor or this kid really thinks he’s channeling a Templar.

Dowsers look for stone circles in the Lake District of the UK

Scientists use laser technology to look into the Book of Kells

In Print:

A new book on Rennes-le-Château called City of Secrets surfaces this week. The book was written by Patrice Chaplin (daughter-in-law of Charlie Chaplin) about her experiences with the RLC mysteries. The above Daily Grail link has a couple of commentaries and interviews with Mrs. Chaplin.

Dark Horse comics revives the series Rex Mundi from it’s former Image Comics series. Rex Mundi is another Papal/Holy Grail conspiracy story line.

On Video:

Three videos on the UK Telegraph site go into a little more depth on the Rosslyn Cubes.

Rosslyn Chapel: Making the Stonework Sing

Rosslyn Chapel: Does the Singing Stonework Theory Work?

Cracking the 500 Year old Music Code

Blog and Pod On!:

Outlaw News thinks there is a connection between the Rosslyn Cubes and the hexagon pattern that has been seen on Saturn.

The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau is discussed in podcast 14 by Tracy Twyman

Tip Site of the Week

Early Christian Writings has a listing and commentary on all the known Gnostic, early Church writings, and New Testament Apocrypha known to man. A good source if you’re trying to get an overview of what’s out there.

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