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23 June 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 23 June 07

Grail Seekers this week:

I don’t think there could be a more news packed week for all things Grail. With all the things that have been happening in Italy in the last few weeks, it makes one wonder about what’s happening over there. Without trying to be a conspiracy theorist, it’s odd that the Calvi murder trials finished, the police are investigating Masonic Lodges for undisclosed reasons, there’s talk of a Grail dig, and the Da Vinci Code might be obscene. Interconnections, odd timing, or is something in the wind? If any Italian readers are out there, drop me a line. I’d love to know what’s going on that doesn’t make the international headlines.

Other than that, I’ve had most of my attention focused in one area this week. I getting married to my long time sweetheart Laura Lee Williams tomorrow. She’s supported my ventures here quite a bit over the last year and keeps me going most days. Plus she’s a heck of a proof reader; most of my writing would be unintelligible without her eagle eye…

Oh and don’t forget to sign up for the Grail Seeker’s Google Group. I’m not sure what direction this will be going in, but I’ve added a page of links of interest to the Grail Seeker out there. It’s a work in progress, but there are a ton of links and site descriptions.

On Audio:

Corjan de Raaf of the RLC Research page forwarded this e-mail to me:

“Just wanted to draw your attention to our new Internet Radio station.

Radio Rennessence is made by Philip Coppens, Andy Gough and myself. We do a monthly interview with a Rennes-le-Château/Grail/Templar etc.

related author / researcher. Preferably people that are only known to the in crowd but have incredibly in-depth knowledge. The first interview is online now and features Patrice Chaplin about her book City of Secrets.”

Looks like a great start to the RLC Research crew; huzzah!

Burning Taper has a pod cast on: “ "A Tour of the Masonic Lodge," which is a lecture based on W. L. Wilmshurst's book The Meaning of Masonry, discussing some of the symbols in a lodge, including the great and lesser lights, the officers' stations, and the checkerboard floor.” Quote from the site.

Philip Gardiner announced on a My Space bulletin that he will be on Coast to Coast AM on 30 Jun 07.

In the News:

Is the Grail a funnel? This one is a new theory to me, but Alfredo Barbagallo, an Italian archaeologist, claims that the Grail is buried in a chapel-like room underneath the Basilica of San Lorenzo Fuori le Mura.

North America’s “oldest” church is found and it could be of Templar origin.

The Da Vinci Code movie is investigated by Italian police as being obscene. I wouldn’t put Tom Hank’s performance as being that bad.

On the Web:

Was Bérenger Saunière a Freemason? You’ll need Babel Fish or the like to read this one if you don’t know French.

This theory has been floating around the web for a while, but are Aleister Crowley and Barbarba Bush mother and daughter? My favorite wig wearing (is that a wig?)conspiracy monger Jeff Rense posts the article.

Tip Site of the Week:

I have become totally enamored of the IGoogle home page set up. With easy reader pages, custom widgets, and easy management of all those other Google tools you’re using, I don’t think I’ll go to another home page again. At least until something cooler with more bells and whistles comes along.

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