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11 August 2007

Catholic Priest Meant to Slander Freemasons, Not Jews

Rarely do I do an opinion piece like this one, but somehow I could not stay my thoughts on this matter.

The European Jewish Press (EJP) released an article yesterday stating that Father Pierino Gelmini “was quoted by Italian newspapers last Sunday as saying that a "radical-chic Jewish lobby is stretching out to weaken the whole Church, starting with the American Church". This story was also carried by Reuters India here.

Father Gelmini quickly retracted his statements with this caveat, "If I said that then it just slipped out, because I intended to say Masonic radical-chic," (quote from the Reuters Article)

It’s appalling that anyone would make slanderous statements about the Jewish faith, let alone a man of the cloth. I am glad Gelmini is trying to make amends for his statements; however the subtext of his position is quite clear. The slander of Freemasons is acceptable. Even both articles make no hint that there might be anything wrong with slandering Freemasons.

I feel that Father Gelmini should reexamine all of his statements of late, and scrutinize his reasoning for making statements about either group. Furthermore, I’m offended that a representative of the Catholic Church would take a conspiratorial position against Masons. Especially considering that a number of his faith belongs to Masonic Lodges across the world.

I would hope that either the Vatican or Father Gelmini would make an officially apologize to the Masonic community. Making unfounded accusations of this nature, about any group, only serve to create intolerance.

I’ve said my peace


Anonymous said...

Making an apology to the Freemason movement is like making an apology to the devil himself. Kick in the Jewish bankers as well!!

Brian said...

I can see why this person would want to remain anonymous with views like that.