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20 August 2007

Photographer Claims to Had Taken Pictures of the “Real” Stone of Destiny

An article in The Courier today claims that an unspecified photographer has taken picture of Scotland’s Stone of Destiny. (For a history of the Stone, hit the previous link.) The photographer says that he was called in the middle of the night by someone that wanted to document the True Stone being moved from one secret location to another for safe keeping. Supposedly, this event happened somewhere in Perthshire and the only clue to the True Stone’s guardians was that it was a group of “nationals”

My call on this one is that it smells funny.

  1. Why would anyone in this day and time need a professional photographer to document anything? Video cams and digital cameras are in virtually everyone’s home. The moving of the Stone could have been easily documented without the help of this nature.
  2. There are no pictures of the Stone in the article. If I was woken up in the middle of the night by someone to take pictures of anything, it would be on the condition that I would be able to publish at least one photo.
  3. If these “nationalists” were interested in informing the world that they actually have the True Stone of Destiny in their possession, wouldn’t they have wanted something to show for it? Simply pulling a P.T. Barnum trick of letting the photographer leak the story would tend to hurt their cause more than help it.
  4. The only sort of credible thing about the whole story might be that the photographer obviously wanted to remain anonymous. A nutter would want his name out there for the public to see. While a real professional with career credibility on the line might not want to have his name out there to damage his business.

I’m sure there will be more to come from this story in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you updated.

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