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08 March 2008

Media Watch for the Week Ending 8 Mar 08

Grail Seekers this week:

The snow in Nashville must have made me a little salty this morning, given some of my quips in the news section this week. Or maybe it's because I have to go to work on my off day because people in the Athens of the South can't figure out how to drive in the snow. At any rate, here’s another week in the can from the Grail Seeker’s news desk.

On Audio:

Ann Masai will be on the Laura Lee Show on the 15th discussing the Black Madonna.

In the News:

The Grand Master of Freemasons in Venezuela is shot during an apparent kidnapping attempt this week. My condolences go out to his family.

Eight Jewish students are killed during a terrorist attack near the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Once again, my thoughts and prayers go out to their families.

The Knights of Malta want you to know they hold no secrets. Other than the fact they have diplomatic immunity and passports that let them walk through walls.

Academics think Moses was smoking dope when he received the Ten Commandments.

Vandals hit the Trembling Rocks at Renne-le-Chateau. Folks, I’m all about looking for Grail related evidence. But for sites like this, if you’re not in the company of professionals you’re going to spoil a landmark for everyone else.

The Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith of the Catholic Church (the same group that use to go under the name of the Inquisition…) rules that a feminist point of view in the Catholic Church is not kosher.

Mira Sorvino will reprise her role in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion in the NBC miniseries The Last Templar.

On the Web:

What’s down this shaft on Mount Cardou? The RLC team thinks there are Templar artifacts down the hole.

Opinions on why Tara Hill should be saved.

Ben Hammott’s site has a piece on the Archeological GRP investigation at Rennse-le-Chateau

Blog On:

Codex Celtica looks at the Arthurian graffiti 10 years after it’s discover.

How mysterious is the crypt in Rosslyn Chapel?

On Video:

The Secret Glory, a documentary about Otto Rahn is available as part of a collection of Richard Stanley’s works.

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