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07 March 2008

Will a Hawaii Man's Grail Vision Return this Easter?

It’s hard to delve into any topic related to the Holy Grail without finding one’s self faced with miraculous events. Whether the mystic phenomena are found in the pages of Grail literature or those who have had experiences with Grail related relics or places; one is hard pressed to side step the Grail’s mystical nature. We either believe or discount these mystical stories based on our belief system and ultimately faith itself.

Hebrews 11:1 tells us that “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” This is the best definition of faith I have ever seen because it encapsulates the very personal experience in matters of one’s belief. Those who seek any of the facets of the Grail possess some sort of faith. That faith can range from the historical/archaeological end of the spectrum to that of the Grail being a miraculous gift from on high.

Last June I was contacted by a man from Hawaii that has this type of faith in the Grail. He captured, what he believes, is Grail related phenomena on video. After setting up motion sensing web cam for an Easter Egg hunt on 8 Apr 07, Brandon Price noticed the following anomaly on the tape. The following the video of that event.

Brandon became to believe that what he was seeing was, “a supernatural vessel that descends from the sun and then ascends back to what I believe is heaven.” Brandon has recorded his thoughts on the video on his web site.

This would not seem to be the end of the story. Brandon thinks that, “the event will occur again this year during the Easter Season of 2008 and every year until the End Time prophecies related to this event have been fulfilled.” It will be interesting to see what happens this Easter Sunday.

After viewing the video and reading Brandon’s thoughts you will generally fall into the category of “there’s something to this” or “I’m just seeing a lens effect from the cam”. It doesn't matter if you believe or discount what you’ve seen on the video. It’s hard not admire the faith one man has in his Grail vision.

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