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13 May 2008

Grail Seekers Media Watch up to 13 May 08

Grail Seekers this since last time:

Needless to say the last couple of weeks have been action packed. My trip to New York wasn’t just taken up with the Bloodline Press conference; I got a chance to view the Poussin exhibit at the Met. I’ll be sharing some thoughts on Poussin and his art work later this week. I was also denied seeing the Antioch Chalice, again, while in the Big Apple. The powers at the Metropolitan Art Museum decided to move the piece again back to the Cloisters. Being on a short time table, I didn’t have the chance to visit the Cloisters again. So the Met is officially off my Christmas card list. Enough grouching, it’s time for a whole heap of news…

On Audio:

The Occult of Personality interviews Dr. Paul Clark is a renowned writer and lecturer, as well as the Steward of the Fraternity of the Hidden Light.

Oopa Loopa Café will interview Lloyd Pie on the 16th.

Peter Gandy and Timothy Freke will be on the Laura Lee show on the 16th and 17th speaking on the secret teachings of Gnostics.

While not a Grail topic, physicist Michio Kaku was interviewed by Dreamlands on the 10th. He’s fascinating to listen to and makes complex physics theories accessible to common folks like us. Ok, so I’m a geek…

In the News:

World Net Daily has an article entitled 'Ark of the Covenant altar' found in Sheba's palace. Its a little light on the evidence on the altar, but what is interesting is they figured out the palace was aligned with the star Sirus.

Add Prestwick, UK to the growing list of places the Holy Grail is thought to reside. I wouldn’t get too excited, the article only mentions “mysterious researchers” as making the claim.

An exhibit at Glastonbury Abby follows the life of Frederick Bligh Bond, who became the first official archeologist of the site in 1908.

Rosslyn Chapel has been linked to many things, but now there’s a Maya Temple lurking in the carvings.

The Archimedes Codex and has been somewhat unraveled.

Danny Penman reports on hypnotic regression that uncovered he died in Jerusalem in 1276. I’m not sure about reincarnation, but I do think there is something to genetic memory.

Viking sword fragments have been found on the Isle of Mann.

An intricate mosaic floor is being restored in Westminster Abby.

New Marian apparitions are “approved” by the Catholic Church

A new book claims Michelangelo painted hidden message in his art work.

On Film:

Well everyone and their brother have weighed in on the Bloodline documentary. From the good, the bad, to the ugly. I’ll reserve comment since I haven’t seen it yet…

Get out the wooden stakes and garlic, the Templars will be fighting vampires soon. I can imagine DeMolay is not amused from the great beyond.

Blog On:

Illuminati Under the Microscope blog links the Golden Ratio, to Poussin, to Thomas Jefferson.

Philip Coppens gives a history of St Edmund’s Church using Andy Marshall’s photography to tell the tale.

Was Elvis a secret Rosicrucian? Thank you very much…

Societe Perillos hits the high spots on Otto Rahn.

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