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01 May 2008

Grail Seekers to Cover Bloodlines Press Conference

I just got finished making my final travel arraignments for a very quick visit to New York on Monday and Tuesday of next week. My avowed purpose for making this quick jaunt is to cover the Bloodlines Documentary press conference at the Jewish Museum on the 5th.

Now why would I take the time, effort, and energy required to make such a trip? You see fellow Grail Seekers, the producers of the film are making the claim that they will be showing the Grail on Monday.

According to the press invite I received, “Among the relics are a simple pottery drinking cup and a small ointment vase that were said to have been used at the wedding of Jesus and Mary Magdalene over 2000 years ago. According to the priest who hid them away a century ago, they have been passed down from generation to generation as sacred relics - the true Holy Grail - which symbolized this secret wedding.”

I will not speculate on the validity of this claim at this time. In truth, it still up to the individual to recognize what they believe the Grail is, and I have no wish to influence your views. However, if everything is on the level, this is big…

I’m planning on dropping audio blogs about the press conference so everyone can get the first news about the event. For those of you who follow on the My Space feed, the audio blogs will only be available on my Blogger page and on the Grail Seekers web site feed page. I’m using the Utterz service for the audio blogs. As I post the audio blogs, they might not show up with a title or any text. Simply hit the play button on the post and the audio should magically spring forth.

Keep checking back on Monday for any other developments as they unfold. With 48 hours in New York, there’s no telling what adventures I’ll find myself getting into…

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