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14 June 2007

Holy Grail Phenomena in Hawaii?

I was emailed on My Space this week by a man from Hawaii who thought he has caught a Grail related phenomena on video. I’ll reserve my comments and judgment on this one and leave that to you. Below are the content of the e-mails (verbatim) and the video in question.

From: that's me in the chair.
Date: Jun 10, 2007 6:57 PM

Holy Grail Captured on video Easter 2007

Please see 4 minute video

Do you believe?
Pray and ask God.

Love and Light
Brandon Price

From: Grail Seekers
Date: Jun 10, 2007 10:14 PM

Thanks for the e-mail. I’m always glad to take any leads or information about the Grail or Grail related phenomena for further examination. I’ve got a couple of questions for you to help me understand where I should direct my focus.

Is the object in question the black spot in the clouds at the first of the video and then shown again around the 3 minute mark?

Or are we talking about the oblong shape that shows up around the 2 minute mark?

If it’s the oblong object, can you give me some idea of the context of the skyward black spot; or identify what this is.

With this little bit of additional information, I can focus on exactly which part of the video to examine. I’d be happy to present this to my readers for their interpretation of what they’re seeing.

Hope this was the type of help you were looking for...

Brian Kannard

From: that's me in the chair.
Date: Jun 12, 2007 6:49 PM

The black dot is the sun and could be considered lens effect. The beam of light coming from the sun could be considered lens effect as well but fascinating. The bright color around the black sun is clouds, I do have another video showing how the clouds gather to the sun. The oblong shape could be considered egg shape since it was captured on easter sunday. The camera was set to automatic to follow movement. Look inside the egg and what do you see. Some people see thousands of souls, some people see a big face, what do you see? Is the holy grail the item that connects all religions to the one god? I've got a chinese interpretation that i can email to you if you would like to read it. They beleive that this is the wan ling or egg of life. I'm pretty sure in india they beleive this would be the golden lingum. We may beleive this to be the holy grail. This is the beauty of our god that our holy grail could be their wan ling and someone elses golden lingum. Please feel free to give me a call and I can give you a detailed explanation.

p.s. On the video at 3min and 21sec look at the purple item on left side that falls out of sky. You can also hear it.

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