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08 June 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 9 June 07

Grail Seekers this week:

Later this week, I’ll be reprinting another theory by Ed McGrath relating to his theories on a Teniers painting. I’ll also be trying yet another contest going if I can get my inner muse working. The contest will dove-tail on an interview with George Smart I did a few months back. I’ll be giving away two copies of his book Chronology of the Knights Templar to make up for me dragging my feet on writing the article. And finally, I’ve secured an interview with Professor Solomon about his book The Book of Solomon. That is if I can get past inventory at work, family obligations, and fending off ninja assassins. Well, the ninja assassins isn’t quite true. That is unless my ex-wife hired them.

On Audio:

Fate Radio interviews Dr. Karen Ralls about the Templars. Hilly Rose should have done a little more homework before doing the interview…

In the News:

Five defendants have been acquitted in the Roberto Calvi murder trial in Rome. This also comes on the heels of Italian Police investigating Masonic Lodges in Italy. I fear that this will only bring out another wave of Anti-Masonic fervor in blog-land. If you have any questions about Masonry, just let me know. All I ask is that you don’t believe anything that has to do with goats, sacrifices, or strip bingo without dropping me an e-mail first.

In Film:

Sean Connery won’t be coming out of retirement for the next Indiana Jones movie, but John Hurt will be appearing. I guess Hurt had to do something since he can’t be in Hellboy 2.

The Susan Sarandon narrated DVD Secrets of the Codeis reviewed in the Trades.

On the Web:

Societe Perillos finished up their series on the Spanish connection with Rennes le Chateau.

Chat with William Henry on the Unknown Country site on 9 June 07.

Nexus magazine highlights author Tony Bushby on his book Forged Origins of the New Testament.

Could the Holy Grail be the Book of Thoth? Philip Coppens has some insight along those lines.

Far Shores posts an article by Philip Gardnier about Secret Societies.

Unexplained Mysteries reprints a reworked article about the Nanteos Cup by some guy who does a blog called Grail Seekers.

Blog and Pod On!:

The Live in Carcassonne blog has a video of Carcassonne, Rennes le Chateau, Montsegur, Alet. The visuals are nice, but turn down the sound unless you really, really, really dig Bon Jovi’s version of Knocking on Heaven’s Door.

Random Mumblings has a two minute video of Rosslyn Chapel. It just goes to remind me that if you plan of going to Rosslyn, prepare for there to be a crowd and loud mouthed tour guides. Ah for the days when you could walk in the Chapel and there might be two or three others floating around.

Marcus Wilder talks about his visit to a Templar tower in Monbuey along the Santiago de Compostela trail.

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