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19 October 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for 7 Oct to 19 Oct 07

Grail Seekers this week:

It’s nice to be home again. Overall the trip was fantastic. Laura and I hit all the usual “tourist” sites while in Paris and Edinburgh. We also visited Chartres and I’ll be working up an article on that soon. Along with all the other articles I’m working on…

Thanks again to everyone that e-mailed wishing us well on the trip. One bit of advice; when in Paris make sure the hotel you’re at will let you make phone calls outside the room. When I did the segment on Oopa Loopa Café show on the 13th, I had to do so from a payphone on the street. That was a treat, but the interview went quite well I think. Now to get back to the business of tracking topics of Grail related interest in the media since I’ve been gone.

On Audio:

Red Ice Creations featured interview is with Jay Weidner on: The Future, Freemasonry, Franklin and Films.

In the News:

BBC News wonders what the Knights Templar are up to now.

If you want to get a copy of the Templar Documents released from the Vatican, it will cost you $8000 and a favor from the Pope. This makes the chances of me getting a copy quite slim.

More information in the news surfaces about the Acheson twins from Hertford. This time Ben Acheson has called on the Vatican to officially apologize for the persecution of the Templars. Then again, we knew they were up to that based on comments left on this site from Tim. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I wish the brothers all the luck in the world in this endeavor; it’s been much too long in coming.

Has Pope John Paul II been taking a fiery shape and waving to the masses?

For those who have gotten interested in Rune Stones, another one has been found and deciphered in Rennesøy, Rogaland.

Scottish author, Jack Lawson, believes he has proof that Jesus’ twin was crucified in his place.

A book of Hitler’s letters is being published this week. I wonder if any of the information will shed some light on his fascination with the Grail and the Spear of Destiny.

On the Web:

Grail Seeker friend, Jeff Nisbet publishes his Rosslyn Motet article on the Mythomorph site. A must read if you’ve bought into the thought the Rosslyn Cubes have been deciphered.

Author, and Grail Seekers friend, George Smart has made the 2nd edition of The Templar Chronology available as a download through his web site for free. There’s also a section of the same page that tracks modern day Grail Hunters and their activities.

Was Sauniere a Freemason? It might explain a lot if he was.

Biblical Archeological Society takes a look back at the James Ossuary.

Society Perilos looks into the Coumesourde Stone in relation to the RLC mysteries.

Blog On:

The “In puris naturaibus” blog discusses the Ark of the Covenant and it’s relation to Chartres.

In the detractors to the Achesons, the Mary Victrix blog thinks they’re posers. Everyone is welcome to their opinion, but I have faith in the lads…

The Templar Globe reprints an article from Reuters on Tips to Becoming a Templar.

Morbid Frog talks about the Templar conference on the 13th at the Atlantis book store.

Burning Taper reports on a township in Illinois that wants Compass and Squares removed from public monuments.

A special thanks goes out to Melissa at the Templar Epilogue blog for the kind words about Grail Seekers. There’s some good work on this blog and it’s worth checking out.

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