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28 October 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 27 Oct 07

Grail Seekers this week:

You can’t swing a dead cat on a Goggle News search without hitting the story of the Templar Trial Documents being released this week. With that being said, I’m surprised there was as much going on in the Grail related world as there is.

Also, don’t forget if you know of a source that I might find interesting and am overlooking, drop me a line.

On Audio:

You won’t doubt that author Michael Tsarion has a lot on his mind about everything from Lay Lines to the Templars in this Red Ice Creations interview.

In the News:

National Geographic reports that artifacts from the ear of Solomon’s Temple have been found by Muslim workers on the Temple Mount.

The Last Supper is now available to view on line at 16 bazillion megaboom-booms, or whatever measure digital images on line use, at Warning the server is slow.

The San Diego Natural History Museum beings it’s exhibit of some of the Dead Sea Scrolls this week.

Actor Brian Cox believes he was a guardian of the Holy Grail in a previous life.

The Mary Victrix blog makes the news for blasting the Acheson twins last week.

A recent UK television show blasts the Nanteos Cup story.

According to a death bed letter of a leading Israeli Rabbi and Cabalist, Jesus is the Messiah.

Aleister Crowley’s 1928 Diary is sold at auction for $45,000

Padre Pio’s stigmata could have been faked with carbolic acid. Looks like the Vatican is batting a thousand this week in the “we screwed up” category.

On the Web:

The In Rebus site has a rough translation of the Chinon Parchment in English. Well, that’s a start.

Blog On:

Thanks to the Templar Fellowship site for the link to the October 13th article.

Fellow Tennessean Randall Carter Gray’s blog Moor’s Code deals with the theory that the Last Supper was depicting a Passover meal held in an John Mark's African home.

Susie’s Site blog has a description and pictures of the Magdalene Caves near Rennes-le-Chateau and a recollection of her chat with Henry Lincoln.

The Eternal Idol blog connects Stonehenge and the Vatican Observatory.

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