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07 October 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 6 Oct 07

Grail Seekers this week:

There will be no news next week. Well I’m sure that there will be news, but I won’t be doing my weekly blog due to the “big trip”. I’ll try to do some posting from the road as I have the chance, and I will be on the Oopa Loopa Café show on the 13th. Everyone think good thoughts for me and Laura as we jump the pond.

On Audio:

The Occult of Personality site has a Philip Coppens Podcast this week.

Thanks to the Daily Grail for the heads up on this one. The CJOB web site archives Coast to Coast AM shows and catalogues each night by the show’s hour. No more missing interviews in the middle of the night for me.

The Laura Lee Show

Tues, 9 Oct 07: Doug Vogt thinks he’s discovered the real Mount Sinai.

In the News:

California University of Pennsylvania will be holding a day long event on Thursday all about Templar history.

Fathers 4 Justice has helped clean up the purple paint on Glastonbury Tor because one of the group’s sympathizers was responsible for it.

The Notre-Dame de Marceille Madonna has been decapitated

A digital scanning process can now pick pout faint letters on gravestones. This handy bit of tech could be used in any number of investigations.

Labyrinths once more attract the faithful and those looking for inner peace. No, I’m not talking about renting the DVD of the Jennifer Conley/David Bowie movie.

After the Vatican releases the lost Templar Documents, the Papal University in Rome is hosting an astronomy conference.

On the Web:

Alchemy and ancient Egypt is in the bag for The Alchemy Web Site this week.

The Gardale web site has presented a new theory about the location of the Grail. Get your calculators out to follow this line of logic.

The Zaadz web site gives a 101 course on English language gematria.

Blog On:

What’s in a name and why is your family crest of two woodland animals chasing a rattlesnake? The Templar Globe helps you understand Medieval Heraldry.

Thanks to Bob Freeman at Quid Est Veritas blog and the Surfing the Apocalypse forum for the reprint of the Templar Document article.

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