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23 November 2007

Exoneration of the Knights Templar Petition

There is no doubt that the media spotlight has shown brightly on the Knights Templars over the last couple of months. With the release of the Trail of the Templars by the Vatican press, and the 700th anniversary of the Order’s arrests the plight of the Templars has never been more publicly recognized. The media has even focused on Templar activists, such as the Acheson Twins who have called on the Vatican to officially apologize for their misdeeds.

I personally think it is high time that the voice of the people be heard on this matter. Given the position taken by Pope Clement V in the Chinon Parchment, I believe the Knights Templar should be exonerated from any charges that were leveled against them 700 years ago.

There are many of you that feel the same way that I do on this matter. That is why I have set up an online petition for the Exoneration of the Knights Templar on the Ipetition web site. It is my intention to let the Vatican know that there those out there that do believe the actions of the Church were motivated by political and malicious reasons. It is my intention to send the signatories of this petition to the Vatican on 18 March 08, the day that Jacque DeMolay was burned at the stake.

I have no idea if this will sway the opinion of the Holy See in this matter, or if it will even be accepted by the public. However, the time has come and the mistakes of the past should be corrected.

I ask that you take the time to sign the Exonerate the Knights Templar petition and let your voice be heard.


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