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27 November 2007

Longevity and the Grail Review

Last month I posted a video clip of Red Ice Creations short documentary Longevity and the Grail. This morning I finally had a chance to sit down and check out brothers Henrik and Fredrik Palmgren’s first foray into short films.

The documentary explores a nexus point of symbolism, emerging science and science fiction as it relates to cloning. The Palmgrens have done so by making connections with key players in the world of cloning and the human genome project. Groups like: the Methuselah Foundation, Sinclair Research, the Roslin Institute, and Clonaid efforts to advance the genetic sciences have been thrown into the ring. Each of these groups have either subtle or overt symbolic connections to topics as wide as the Grail, Freemasonry, the Templars, and Aliens. The documentary then goes into their present work and how some of their actions and public presentations can be viewed in a symbolic nature.

Some might view the ties the Palmgrens make as tenuous. However, there is a subtext to the documentary. The question isn’t whether the connections the Palmgrens make are valid, but how the symbolism meshes with cloning being viewed as a “Holy Grail”. Are the players in this field acting according to esoteric traditions or are they manifesting esoteric traditions through their work? The result of either is a mind bending “chicken or egg” argument. If one views the subject on one side you have a conspiracy, on the other one has self-fulfilling prophesy.

The Palmgrens make their subtext easier to understand by utilizing science fiction into the documentary. Would present scientists feel hard pressed to consider if artificial intelligence could turn dangerous if it wasn’t for the Matrix or Blade Runner? Or have some of the scientist and institutions had the spark of inspiration lit by the works of science fiction?

The point where all this meets is a new chapter in the ever changing symbolic nature of the Holy Grail. The Grail represents life, hope, and the miraculous; no matter what the application of the Grail symbol is. The Palmgrens have made an opening salvo in viewing the Grail in a marriage between the esoteric and future science. It is defiantly worth taking a look at and stewing over the implications they have presented.

Longevity and the Grail is available through the subscription service on Red Ice Creations. The bothers Palmgren also host a biweekly internet radio show that is available for free with additional content accessible by subscribers.

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