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23 November 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch 1 Nov to 23 Nov 07

Grail Seekers since last time:

The months of November and December are generally a blur to me. The industry that constitutes my “day job” is one of those that help everyone else get ready for their holiday festivities. Needless to say, the time, effort, and energy that I have to put in sucks the life out of my more “creative” endeavors. My blog and e-mail inbox have turned into a untended garden that needs to be tended. I apologize for my prolonged absence. With that, back to the business at hand. Some of the news and items might not be “in date”, but at least it will help me get back on track.

On Audio:

Rick from Oopa Loopa Café talks with Templar Church Bishop David Richarde on the 29th.

Radio Rennessence has an interview posted with author Kate Mosse on her latest book Sepulchre

If you’re not checking out Red Ice Creations interview section twice a week, you should.

Binall of America interviews David Hennigar on Oak Island

In the News:

A press release claims that a Los Angeles diamond dealer has found a diamond with an Templar Cross in the center of it.

The Last Supper has been put to music, or at least there’s a claim music has been hidden in the fresco. Haven’t we been through this before?

A new documentary takes on a new view on the “Lost Tomb of Jesus”.

More news of cat napping in Britain.

The Scotsman features a number of videos on Rosslyn Chapel.

The Vatican has entered into talks with ending the rift with the Orthodox Church. Once again, this makes me wonder what the Papacy is up to.

On Film:

An X-Files sequel is on the way. I hope this time around they tie up those Twin Peaks like loose ends they left out the last time around.

The Hollywood writers strike is pushing back the production of Angels and Demons.

On the Web:

I received this note from Coran de Raaf from the RLC Research page this week:

I am proud to announce that, Rennes-le-Château Research, has been completely overhauled. There's an entirely new website with tons of new content and photos.

It's much more user friendly and accessible than it was, items are linked and better navigable. All info has been updated with the very latest insights and discoveries. I don't think you'll find a more complete inventory of everything Rennes-le-Château.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. Take the time to check out this valuable resource.

Andrew Gough puts his 17 questions to rocker and Grail Seeker Rat Scabies

Blog On:

The Humanities blog claims that the Ark of the Covenant is in Kenya, not Ethiopia.

The Golden Dawn blog explores the links between alchemy and the Golden Dawn.

The Square and Compass blog looks at the similarities of a carving at Rosslyn and Masonic ritual.

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