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23 December 2007

Grail Seekers Media Watch for the Week Ending 22 Dec 07

Grail Seekers this week:

Have a holly, jolly Christmas everyone. I hope Santa brings you all the goodies that your heart desires. I myself ask for a winning lottery ticket, but somehow I don’t think I’ve been that good this year. And please, don’t forget to go out and do something for your fellow man. Even if it’s just a random gesture of goodwill, do something. It’s not that hard to make a small difference in someone’s life.

On Audio:

Radio Rennessence is now presenting their year end RLC extravaganza. According to an e-mail I got from Corjan the special is: “Over an hour of hot debate of Andrew Gough, Philip Coppens, Corjan de Raaf (and his flu) giving an awful lot of details and background information you won't hear anywhere else.”

In the News:

Rosslyn Chapel bans photography in 2008.

On the Web:

Ray H Marr has done a video series on the history of the Knights of St. John. Thanks to Red Ice Creations for posting all the parts of the video in one place.

Blog On:

The Realtravel blog has a travel-log of a visit to Aksum

Codex Celtica takes a look back at this year in esoteric terms.

The La Bas blog asks if there’s a link between French Surrealism and Secret Societies

Futurecult takes a tongue and cheek investigation into the Priory of Sion in Springfield Missouri

EVS-Islands does an Enhanced Vector Shoreline study of Tana Island in Ethiopia

The Illumanati Conspiracy Journal wonders why Jacob Rothschild married into the Sinclair family.

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