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09 December 2007

Templar Dig in Bulgaria

The news last week of the modern day Templar Organization Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani (OSMTH) will begin excavations in the Russe region of Bulgaria isn’t really news. At least the part about archeological activity in Russe relating to the Templars isn’t news. Back in April, archeologist Nikolai Ovcharov conducted a survey of the area for direct evidence of Templar holdings at the behest of the OSMTH. Ovcharov, the self titled “Indiana Jones of Bulgaria”, came to international attention in the archeological community when he announced coming into possession of a 7,000 year old tablet. According to Ovcharov, the stone contains the world’s earliest example of a written language.

It would now seem that the OSMTH has taken up the role of financing excavations in the Russe region. The OSMTH have dubbed the dig the “Nisovo Project”. Nisovo is a small village near the Romanian border. The above link cites that “remains of closes ancient necropolis where typical Templiers [sic] crosses were found”. So it would seem that we have a good idea where in Russe the excavations are going on. The OSMTH also is considering trying to excavate a Catholic Church in the ancient capital of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo.

I was able to get a better picture of the Russe area from former history teacher at Memphis’ prestigious Harding Academy, Charlie Milson. After a number of mission trips to Romania, Charlie was able to visit Russe. “It's still an international crossroads and a great place to ford the Danube. A huge bridge is there now; it replaced another that was built in the 1920’s. There are some stone relics of older bridges that lie nearby”, said Milson. This would have made Russe the perfect place for Crusaders going to and from Constantinople to cross the Danube. It is no wonder evidence of the Templars can be found in this area.

Bulgaria would seem to be a treasure trove for those who would just look. Post Communism, the trade in illicit relics in Bulgariais more profitable than the drug trafficking.” “There are ruins all over Romania and Bulgaria one can just walk up to without anyone saying a word. The Communists didn’t have any idea what to do with the sites, so they left them alone”, said Milson.

Another event from the Bulgarian past that was publicized just days before the initial survey was announced could give another clue to what “Project Nisovo” might uncover. The remains of Tzar Kaloyan was laid to rest in an undisclosed Church in Veliko Tarnovo. Kaloyan is a central figure in Bulgarian history for securing the state in wars with Byzantium, Hungary and Serbia. During the late 1190’s, Pope Innocent III was in negotiations with the Tzar to make Bulgaria’s official religion Roman Catholic. The Tzar is also noted in history for capturing Emperor Baldwin of Flanders during the 4th Crusade.

The story of Kaloyan serves as simply a clue to what could be found near Russe. After the 4th Crusades’ sack of Constantinople, the Russe region would have had any number of those returning overland with their spoils in the interior of Europe. What might the Templars squirreled in the region from the riches of Constantinople? Hopefully, if the OSMTH expedition finds anything of note they will share it with the world. At present the Bulgarian branch of the OSMTH has not replied to my request for an interview.



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Your article is excellent, can you put me on your list? I am afraid you will run into a wall of secrecy though, it seems to be the way they are...the secret societys i mean, here is a link someone just sent me, might come in handy:

a lot of times they are digging for technology, fyi, the wars of boy jorge and those types, the elite, are usually just covers for clandestine diggings, especially in the middle east...the vatican knows all about that...its the foundation of their existance...archaeology of control, type of stuff they have kept out of the mainstream for a long time...

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