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08 December 2007

The Miraculous Templar Diamond

Last month, I cited a press release about the nearly unbelievable story of a diamond having a near perfect Templar Cross in the center of the stone.  Last night, I was able to talk to the diamond’s owner David Rafaeli in depth about his find.

Los Angeles diamond broker David Rafaeli takes a few trips a year to brokerage centers in Antwerp or Tel Aviv.  During one of these trips, David sees and bids on more diamonds than most people will see in a lifetime.  It was on one of these trips to a Tel Aviv auction house in the fall of 2006 that Rafaeli found himself bidding on what seemed to be a standard lot of diamonds.  Before the auction, David had spotted the unusual gem that would become known as the Miraculous Templar diamond in the lot.   “I was the only one that recognized the significance of the diamond”, Rafaeli said.

What is so special about the diamond?  The stone is a 2.73 carat green-yellow diamond containing a  distinctive four-sided, Templar like cross. The cross is formed by a dark spot almost in the dead center of the stone.  The diamond was extracted recently in a South African diamond mine and cut in Israel.  Rafaeli claims that the Cross could not have been manmade. “We have a letter from the GIA [Gemological Institute of America] that states the diamond is totally natural.” a spokesman for Rafaeli said
Since he purchased the diamond, Rafaeli has come to consider that the diamond's center piece was a sacred occurrence.  Rafaeli feels that the Templars recognized that there needed to be a unification of all the world’s religions and were working towards that goal.  The diamond has become a symbol of unification and world peace to Mr. Rafaeli.  The stone is a “story from God if we will only recognize it”, Rafaeli said.

There does seem to be a synchronicity with the diamond’s discovery and recent Templar related events.  Rafaeli thinks that the timing of the discovery only strengthens his claim that the diamond signifies more than just a geological anomaly.   Mr. Rafaeli feels that the diamond signifies “things are starting to happen in the world” and it could be used as a vehicle for humanity to find a common ground.

In keeping with thoughts of brotherhood, Rafaeli would like to find a venue for the diamond to be shared with the world. A number of groups have been contacted about displaying the diamond -  including the Vatican.  At the time of this report, the Holy See has not responded to Rafaeli. 

I wish Rafaeli success in his quest to use the diamond to bring about unification of diverse groups in these troubled times. If the faith Rafaeli places on the diamond’s discovery is any indication of if it’s potential, it very well might have the power to change the world.


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